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Strain Review: Blue Magoo by Agrijuana

It’s so funny when strains are so aptly named, I think there’€™s another strain I reviewed called ‘Dynamite’€ where I mentioned the same thing. I’m going to assume that most younger people don’€™t know who Mr. Magoo is (do some research), but Mr. Magoo is a cartoon created in 1949, he’€™s a rich, retiree who gets himself into crazy situations due to his nearsightedness. If you look at any pictures of Mr. Magoo the first thing you’€™ll notice is how he looks STONED AF! I’m not the only person who feels this way about Mr. Magoo, even weed rapper Curren$y posts pics of him sometimes. Blue Magoo tested at 21.647% THC and believe me when I tell you that when I looked in the mirror I thought I was actually Mr. Magoo…jokes, but this shit was POTENT my eyes looked shut! In fact, a friend I smoked Blue Maggo with said this about it via text message:

‘€œHoly shit dude, I’€™m so high I can see in 3D’€

Blue Magoo is a hybrid of DJ Short Blueberry, an indica and Major League bud. When consuming Blue Magoo you can expect to feel a calming, euphoric effect. The sativa side of this hybrid will offset some of it’€™s indica effects, so you won’€™t feel too bogged down, but you’€™ll feel mellow enough to help with any pain, insomnia, or anxiety. The gram of Blue Magoo I received was a full, fatty of a nug. It was covered in icy crystals, and had a blueish, almost purple hue to it. Upon opening the package I was met with a sweet, berry aroma and a taste to match.

Blue Magoo is perfect after a long day, heavy workout, or whenever you’€™re feeling stressed.

Blue Magoo: 8 – B-Real


Where Can I Get Blue Magoo?

Cannabis Country Store: $20/1g, or $56/3g

High End Market Place: $25/1g, or $40/3.5g

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