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Strain Review: Blueberry Headband by Agrijuana

Yep, another Agrijuana strain review, I think this makes three now? You can read a little bit more about Agrijuana here, and check out my review on their Blue Magoo strain. Agrijuana really is putting out some great stuff, I suggest when/if you can that you check out their fire.

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Blueberry Headband (leafly) is a hybrid o’ YOU GUESSED IT, Blueberry and Headband! It was recommended to me from Chris at the Cannabis Country Store and he hasn’€™t steered me wrong so far, so I thought I’d give it a try and I’m glad I did! The evening I smoked Blueberry Headband I was so irritated! I hadn’€™t eaten all day and the people I was trying to make plans with decided to badger me during a much needed nap. With my irritability and hanger pains I decided to rip open my package of Blueberry Headband before I went full on bitchmode (bitchmode is very much like beastmode fyi). I was instantly calmed down by the sweet blueberry smell and felt like I was about to be one some, ‘the snozberries taste like snozberries’€ shit…I was partially right (21.950%). The nug was full and dense, there were faint hues of blurple (blue+purple) on the ends of some of the leaves and covered in ice. A very good looking nug, VERY. With a nug this dense I opted to grind up before smoking to ensure that it burned through evenly.

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Back to the snozberries and feeling like I was teetering on bitchmode, after grinding up a little something I took a nice bong hit and smiled as I exhaled the tasty smoke. Blueberry Headband does have a sweet smell, but the taste is a mix of sweet and earthy. Headband is known to be felt in your head, hence the name, and you will get a little of that with this stuff, but thanks to the Blueberry genetics it’€™s not as apparent.

You want something to take all your troubles away? Load a bowl of Blueberry Headband and thank me later!

Blueberry Headband: 9 – Snoop Dogg


Where Can I Get Blueberry Headband?

Cannabis Country Store: $20/1g,

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