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Strain Review: Circa ’97 Dutch Treat

The jar opened to unleash a smell that was almost like someone had taken a pine cone, coated it in sugar and then stuffed it into a tangerine.

One peek at the trichomes glistening, and I was sold. I didn’t realize at the time how perfect my decision was, but later saw that Leafly also lists Dutch Treat as one of the strains that contain high amounts of the terpene Alpha-pinene.


This not only helps explain that scrumptious odor, pinene also promotes focus, and counteract the negative effects that THC has on short term memory. You can read more about this “entourage effect” to learn how these relationships between cannabinoids and terpenes can help you decide which strain to choose. Now, what was I saying…?

Ah, yes, Dutch Treat. Those beautiful buds did not disappoint.

I splurged on a cute, affordable (read: cheap) new piece to taste my buds with, so I wouldn’t have to smoke a whole joint.

As some of you may know, smoking from a new or freshly cleaned piece is the BEST, you get the full flavor of your buds.

The Dutch Treat was smooth, a little sweet tasting, and mellow on the throat. Afterwards I felt alert, relaxed, and much more optimistic about finishing out the last leg of our 12ish hour road trip. Once we were back in the car (a friend was driving) I reached for the snack bag on instinct before realizing I didn’t even have the munchies!!

My hips and knees were aching that day and a higher CBD strain would have helped more with my pain, but I got what I was looking for with my purchase. I would certainly smoke this strain again, and I recommend it for occasions when you don’t want to be too bogged down mentally, or end up wishing you were at home on the couch instead of out and about.

Circa ’97 Dutch Treat: 7 – Redman


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