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Strain Review: Peaches

Unless the weed man was out of product, I never really had a problem finding pot, although others did and still do.

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But, now that weed’s legal to some capacity or another, it’s not as hard for people to get their hands on some of that sweet, sweet, ganja. And with how fast word of mouth travels now, it’s not that hard for you to get your hands on something tasty from your local medical dispensary or recreation shop.

The weekend before 4/20, @northwestgreens tagged me on a picture of a strain called “Peaches” that was at River City Holistic Health in Portland.

Did you ever think there would be a day where someone could tag you on a weed pic and that you could then get in your car and pick it up without a care in the world? I didn’t, but I am so glad that it’s possible, and I did get in my car and drive my ass to River City Holistic Health to pick up some of that Peaches.

Peaches is a sativa, grown by Burning Tree, and it’s a rare and select phenotype of DNA Genetics’ Tangilope (mix of Tangie & Chocolope). It was discovered by Seattle’s own, @Penotypefarmers.

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The smell and taste you get from Peaches is phenomenal! I find that the sweet, fruity scent comes through best when you break up the bud (either with grinder/fingers/scissors). You’ll instantly start salivating when you get a whiff of it, trust me!

I don’t know if this is good/bad but the smell and taste remind me of the little bits of peaches you get in Yoplait yogurts.

Description of Peaches from River City’s menu on Leafly:

Peaches are here! Smells and tastes exactly like a fresh Georgia Peach. Energetic uplifting Tangie high. This is a rare and select pheno of DNA Genetics Tangilope.

Though Peaches only tested at 13.04 percent, it does pack quite the sativa kick.

I woke up the other day wanting something mellow to start off my Monday and this was perfect for that. You’ll feel high, but it won’t be overbearing.

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I felt very uplifted after smoking Peaches, mundane tasks like laundry were a breeze to get through, my run that morning wasn’t too annoying, and the hot sun beating down on me while I was outside taking pictures of my weed wasn’t bothersome at all (as a person who lives in the Pac NW, I think complaining about Sunny Days is blasphemous since we get so few, but I was getting pretty sweaty out there).

Simply put, Peaches is great for putting you at ease.

I think Peaches is a great strain for beginning smokers, or those returning to the game. It’s a great morning and daytime strain, since it mostly leaves you feeling happy and uplifted, you won’t feel impaired when going through your daily routine.

Music is great on it’s own, but paired with Peaches you’ll feel like you’re riding high on every note. PUN INTENDED.

Peaches: 3 – Broad City


**Please note scale is based on how impaired I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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