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Strain Review: Tangie Banana Surprise

Description of Tangie Banana Surprise from River City’s Instagram:

Wonderful hybrid tastes like banana cherry cream pie with citrus zest.

I reached out to River City and they told me that Tangie Banana Surprise’s genetics come from Crockett Family Farms and DNA Genetics, both are Tangie professionals. It’s a cross of a “Tangie X Banana male bred to Cherry Pie. There’s no stretch during flowering time and grows into a perfect, round bush and the nugs are very hard and dense, even the lowers were as hard as a rock”.

The nugs were full and dense with lots of orange hairs and frosted in sugary crystals that’d have Tony The Tiger Shouting “Theyrrrrrrr’e Great!”. Tangie Banana Surprise has a creamy smell with a very faint citrus scent to it. You get a bigger hint of the citrus when you break it down, and you’ll definitely recognize that tangie taste on your lips after you exhale.

Strain Review: Tangie Banana Surprise by Burning Tree-media-3

After smoking this stuff I felt like whatever was bothering me, even if nothing was actually bothering me, was gone. It had all disappeared and I had this sense of clarity that John Mayer could write songs about. Weed is great for stress, but it’s even better when it actually helps with your pain too, and I was surprised with how well Tangie Banana Surprise worked with some of that. After a tough workout I took a few hits and all of my muscle tension was gone, during my stretch/foam rolling session I felt focused and RELAXED. I have arthritis in one of my toes, so I smoke and use topicals as a way to keep the pain to a minimum, Tangie Banana Surpsie helped with that too.

Think of Tangie Banana Surprise as a Swiss Army Knife kind of strain. Great at relieving stress, pain, and leaves you feeling happy and relaxed. What’s better than that?

Tangie Banana Surprise: 5 – Rihanna


**Please note scale is based on how impaired I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**


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