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WTF Is A Twax & Can Medical/Rec Shops Sell Them?

I’m sure you’€™ve all seen what a twaxed up joint looks like, right? For those who are like ‘€œWTF is a Twax?’€…all it means is that you’re adding concentrated cannabis in any form to your flower before smoking it. A simple way to twax a bowl or joint is to add kief to it, other ways to twax is to add concentrates like oil or shatter to the inside or outside of your bowl or joint. MassRoots has a great blog post on the many different ways you can become a member of the #TwaxGang. Love Twax porn? Check out @WA5280.

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Recently on High End Market Place’s Instagram feed I saw a picture of a twaxed up joint, and it got me thinking, can medical dispensaries or recreational stores sell you twaxed up joints? I’ve never myself smoked a joint that was twaxed, but have added kief and other concentrates to many bowls in my time. With that being said, I’m not sure how difficult they would be to process in mass quantities, or what the freshness details would be, but I was just curious.

To any growers/processors, retail/medical cannabis shops, or bloggers who have this information can you tell me, can you provide twaxed joints to the public?

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