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A Pipe Bear Grylls Could Love

A bit ago I saw this weird looking pipe as I was scrolling down my Twitter timeline working, it’s from Toker Supply, and it’s called a “The Solar Pipe“. WHAT!? I’ve seen bongs made out of ice and bongs made out of silicone for traveling, but a pipe that you’re supposed to light using the sun…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


Nope, they weren’t kidding me, Solar Pipes do exist and you can check them out at Toker Supply, they run $19.99 (eligible for free s/h). The pipe comes in 3 colors: blue, orange, or white/clear, and has a small magnifying glass above it being held by a metal rod.  Since you’re supposed to use the sun to light up, that means you won’t need lighters or matches, leaving you toxin free, the pipe is also windproof. That’s all well and great, but does this thing actually work? Based off the pic above I would say so, but you never know. I’d suggest carrying a lighter on you just in case.

The Solar Hit Pipe was created in 2000, in the beautiful mountain resort town of Big Bear Lake, California, one of the sunniest places in the world! Big Bear Lake even has its own solar observatory. It just made sense, why not use the sun to vaporize your smoke. With all of the carcinogens and toxins in matches and lighters, The Solar Hit provides the cleanest hit available. The Solar Hit also greatly conserves your smoke, is wind proof, works in one second, and is a whole lot of fun! Relax, enjoy the experience of puffing with the power of the sun.

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I can see this pipe working in places with a lot of sun (obviously), but wondering how well it’d do in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest where we lack sun 8-9 months of the year. Would you try the solar pipe, or have you?

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