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Cannabis Country Store Eruption Sale coming May 18

The Cannabis Country Store is launching a creative locally-focused “Eruption Sale” as a remembrance of the May 18, 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.


Loren Carlson, the store’s owner, was a junior at Evergreen High School when the mountain’s north face slid off in a monumental landslide. While tragic, the explosion was also iconic for our region, he said.

“Nothing really hit home until the aftermath of that,” Carlson said. “Spirit Lake was gone. Ash was falling. People talked about the possibility of an eruption before that but nobody really thought it would happen.”

The Monday sale, on Agrijuana products, attempts to mimic an explosion of savings, Carlson said.

“So we have sort of a savings buildup,” Carlson said. “All Agrijuana 1 gram packs will be $16, if you buy 2 grams they’ll be $15 each, 3 grams will be $14 each, 4 grams will be $13 each and 5 grams will be $12 each.”

Agrijuana, a Battle Ground grower, has a picture of the mountain on its packaging.

The sale will also include 7 gram packs of Agrijuana flower, all strains, for $80. And the grower will introduce its first batch of CO2 oil at the sale, with a half-gram for $35.

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They also gave us this funny video to go with their sale:


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