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Cedar Creek Cannabis releases new array of products

The folks at Vancouver’s Cedar Creek Cannabis have been developing an array of new and interesting products that we’ll likely see at local stores very soon.

I paid a visit to the company on Thursday with Justin Runquist, who will be replacing me at Cannabis Chronicles, to check out some of the things they’re working on.

First up, Cedar Creek’s vape pen cartridges are evolving, said Brittny Houghton, who runs the company’s extraction machine.

The cartridges, made from CO2 oil, originally had some leakage problems (which is an issue for many makers of vape cartridges across the I502 market) – but after testing through several cartridge types, the company has found one that doesn’t leak and works very well, Houghton said.

(CO2 oil ready for cartridges)
(CO2 oil ready for cartridges)

Cedar Creek has also tweaked its cartridge formula to be stronger, she said, noting that the increase in strength has made them far more popular both in the market and with employees at Cedar Creek.

“All the employees here prefer them now,” Houghton said. “They used to all want flower for their monthly samples, now they only want vapes – even our head grower has switched over.”

Cedar Creek also has a second option for vaporizer fans that they may not have seen before. The “Drip Tip” is basically a CO2 oil one-hitter.

To use it, you drip a few drops of oil (which comes in a separate container) into the open cartridge and can smoke a single serving.

If that sounds a little inefficient, it’s actually better than a pre-filled cartridge in many ways. In a full cartridge, all the oil gets repeatedly heated and cooled with use. With the drip tip, you only heat what you use, which causes less degradation of the oil, said Ann’ette Pedigo, one of the company’s owners.

“I like using the little bottle (and drip tip) because you can also use the oil for other things,” Pedigo said. “If you want, you can add it to a joint or put it in a bowl to enhance your flower. And it stays fresher longer.”

So far, the only place in Clark County where you can buy the vape cartridges is at the Cannabis Country Store in Battle Ground. The Herbery in Vancouver carries a selection of Cedar Creek Cannabis flower and may carry drip tips soon.

I shot a few bits of raw video, which you can check out below, where Houghton and Pedigo discuss how cartridges are filled and how to use the drip tip.

How vape cartridges are filled:


Cedar Creek experts discuss their new “drip tip” vapor method:



And that’s not all the company has on tap.

Cedar Creek is also making more honey oil, wax and is working on shatter, among other concentrates which should be in the Clark County market soon.

One top secret tip from Houghton: “People have an idea that they want a beautiful amber color for honey oil, but in reality, the darker stuff is stronger.”

And another new product, called Bud Bombs, is similar to what some people call Moon Rocks.


Bud Bombs are small marijuana buds that are dipped in honey oil, then rolled around in a big container of kief to make them a triple-threat of potency.

Cross section of a Bud Bomb.
Cross section of a Bud Bomb.

To use them, you simply drop the whole shebang into a bowl and light it up. No grinding required, said Houghton, who admits that they’re too strong for her to handle.

“Our goal is to use our most powerful bud, which is generally OG Kush or Chemdog (before the dipping and rolling),” Houghton said. “There’s definitely a triple-threat there.”

What do you think? Are you looking forward to trying any of the new products? Let us know in the comments section!

-SueVo (Friday is my last day, but you can email Justin at

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