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Federal government says marijuana is not legal for federal employees

(Dirty Girl)

By Lisa Rein, The Washington Post

WASHINGTON – If you live in Washington or one of the 23 states that have legalized marijuana, think twice before lighting a joint if you work for the federal government:

Pot is still illegal for you.

New guidance from the Office of Personnel Management on Wednesday is unambiguous and stern. Federal workforce rules remain unchanged for the roughly 4 million federal employees and military personnel across the U.S. The feds still consider marijuana an illegal drug, and possessing or using it is a crime.

“Heads of agencies are expected to advise their workforce that legislative changes by some states and the District of Columbia do not alter federal law, existing suitability criteria or Executive Branch policies regarding marijuana,” OPM Director Katherine Archuleta wrote in a memo posted on the agency website.

The District of Columbia and 23 states have authorized adult use of medical marijuana. Of those, four staes and D.C. also allow recreational use.

In other words, the 1986 executive order from President Ronald Reagan requiring the federal workplace and workforce to be drug-free remains in place.