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High Trails: Lacamas Lake

Weed makes everything better, there’s no doubt about it and people have been pairing weed with things they love for as long as I can remember. I’ve mentioned on this blog that one of my favorite pairings, is to smoke before I workout, and while I don’t ALWAYS smoke before a workout, I do before I go running, jogging, or walking…ALWAYS. And in an attempt to keep things fresh I decided I wanted to start hiking more. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we have so many beautiful locations, some far, but many are right in your backyard.

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In my backyard, just outside of East Vancouver, is Lacamas Lake Region Park, located at 3344 N.E. Everett St. in Camas, WA. The park is 312 acres that has excellent bird-watching areas around the park, numerous picture opportunities for photographers, and fishing. There’s picnic tables and bbq grills for gatherings, and 3 play sets for the kids. The trail I did is called the Lacamas Heritage Trail that’s located along the south shore of Lacamas Lake. The park itself features 6 miles of hiking and trails like, the Lacamas Park Trail that can take you to Round Lake, Woodburn Falls, and down all the way to Lacamas Creek.

Lacamas Heritage Trail is 3.5 miles and goes all the way down to Camas Meadows Golf Course. The trail has small hills that take you down a beautiful scenic route along the Lake where you’ll see lots of beautiful trees and rocks that are covered by bright, green moss. On the other side of you are some VERY expensive houses, so you can run to that “rich lady/poolboy” fantasy you’ve always dreamed of. There’s a decent amount of foot traffic on this trail so you don’t want to get too high, a mellow sativa or hybrid should do you good. There’s plenty of places for you to “stop and enjoy the greenery scenery”, too, if you catch my drift (vapes are easiest to conceal).

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First time I did the trail I paired it with Tangie, a sativa with uplifting and energetic effects. My energy levels were definitely up and I made the first mile and a half my bitch! I forgot about how difficult running on hills can be if you don’t do it much, so I walked the rest of the way. When I went back for seconds I went with Tangie Banana Surprise, a hybrid that had me feeling like walking was a better option and I paired it with Pandoras “80’s Throwback, 90’s Comeback” station and breezed my ass down the trail to the likes of Journey and Michael Jackson.

Pair some good weed with some good music and get out to Lacamas Heritage Trail!

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