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Main Street Marijuana launches 10 for $10 menu

Main Street Marijuana launched its 10 for $10 menu today, with a range of items listed for $10 each.

If this sounds eerily familiar, it may be because New Vansterdam did a similar and highly popular promotion in February.

Ramsey Hamide, owner of Main Street Marijuana, said he hopes to make the list a permanent feature at the store – although for now the menu prices are only guaranteed through the end of May.

“We are extremely excited to be launching our 10 for $10 menu today and making it a permanent store fixture,” Hamide said. “It is important to us that everyone be able to afford to participate in legal marijuana, and today is a big step forward in making that goal a reality.”

The first menu of $10 items will be:

1 gram Cinex (sativa)
1 gram Holland’s Hope (indica)
1 gram White Widow (hybrid)
1 gram Cheddar Head (hybrid)
1 10-mg THC cookie (edible)
1 10-mg THC caramel (edible)
0.75 gram pre-roll Bay 11 (sativa)
0.75 gram pre-roll Ace of Spades (indica)
0.75 gram pre-roll Afghoo (indica)
0.75 gram pre-roll Headband (hybrid)

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