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Cannabis 101: How to roll a joint

I asked the folks at New Vansterdam if they could give us a few Cannabis 101 guest posts for those new to marijuana or those returning to it after a long hiatus.

The second in their series (after their first one about grinders) is all about how to roll a joint with those funky-looking rolling mats.

The post is below. Cheers and enjoy!
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How to Roll a Joint with a Rolling Mat with Old School Ed

The art of rolling the perfect marijuana joint is a highly coveted talent in the world of cannabis enthusiasts. The esteemed title of “Joint Rolling Master,” “Spliff Slingin’ Sensei,” “Designated Doobie Designer” is one that anyone who enjoys puffing on some finely-twisted herb would love to behold.


With a plethora of different rolling styles and tools available, it’s a great time to learn how to roll like a pro. So, we bring you the second installment “Cannabis 101: How to Roll a Joint” with New Vansterdam’s very own rolling contest champion, Ed. This week Ed is demonstrating how to roll a joint with a raw bamboo rolling mat.

Step 1: Take the bamboo mat flat into your hand and fold it in half slightly creating a trench for your ground up marijuana.

Step 2: With the other hand pour your ground weed into the middle trench space. Use a good but not excessive amount that reaches across the mat because, hey, the more weed the better.

Step 3: Next, fold the mat in half with the weed inside rolling it into a rounded formation. Make sure not to pack it too tightly so that the joint will get enough air in it and draw smoke properly.

Step 4: Take out your rolling paper and turn it gummy side up, facing you. Place the bottom of the paper on the mat right behind the start of the ground herb.

Step 5: Next, begin gently rolling up with your thumbs and down with your fingers drawing the gummed edge back toward the mat.

Step 6: When you near the end of the rolling paper that is still sticking out of the mat, give the gummed part a good lick to activate the glue.

Step 7: Place the wetted part down on the other side of the joint to seal it and remove it from the mat.

Step 8: Light that bad boy up and enjoy it responsibly!


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