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Medible Review: Red Velvet Donut From Wonderland Edibles

I have my very first medible review, you guys! When I was at Ascend a few weeks ago they recommended a donut to me, they’re made by a company called Wonderland Edibles. The bakery originally opened in Santa Cruz in 2012, “one of the bakers who started Wonderland Edibles was the inspiration for an alternative method to using medical mj, due to Lupus taking it’s toll on her lungs she was encouraged to maintain the disease through delicious treats“.

They eventually opened up shop in Oregon and are compliant there and in California. All products are made from scratch using local grown and organic ingredients, all cannabis used is medicinal grade and tested by Oregon Analytical Services. Not only does Wonderland Edibles make donuts, cupcakes, truffles and cookies, but they also make THC infused salves and CBD only Salves and treats as well.

The donut I tried was the Red Velvet donut and it was really good! It was a small, moist donut, not too sweet, and they did a great job masking the weed taste and smell, not that either bothers me. This bad boy tested at 180.61 mmg THC, .13mg CBD, and has .57 of other active cannabis components, so it does pack quite the punch. Though I’ve smoked for years and had edibles here and there, I am still pretty conservative when it comes to edibles, so I chose to ingest this one moderately. Instead of going full Homer Simpson and shoving it down my donut hole, I broke the donut into thirds. I ate the first bit of it (and the biggest piece) before a dentist appointment, it kicked in a few minutes before they called my name, which was perfect timing because I really hate the dentist! Usually I opt to be numb during my cleanings, but the donuts calming effects helped me power through it like a champ with only a little discomfort…who am i kidding it still sucked, just not as much. The next morning, I decided to have more of the donut with my with my morning coffee and boy did those two play nicely together. A nice relaxed, focus was just what I needed that morning, I finished the rest later that day and felt like I was on a puffy cloud of red velvety goodness. The strain used for the donut I had was called Wonder Woman, a hybrid strain that’s used to fight stress and insomnia, with happy and relaxed effects.

Would I recommend one of these donuts to a friend? OF COURSE! The only thing I would say is that depending on your tolerance and comfort with edibles, if it’s higher I’d eat half instead of just a small piece. But, if you’re conservative like me, and don’t want to overdo it or feel too tired, eat it in small pieces and dose as needed.

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