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Mrs. Nice Guy Made Some Weed Butter

After years and years of being a weed smoker, I finally learned how to make weed butter! I always thought making your own weed butter was a stoner’s rite of passage, and it is, but not everyone has a bunch of shake/trim available to make their own, that’s why I never learned. But, now that I’m a patient and have access to what I need to make butter, I figured, why not!? So,  last Sunday, Chronic Travels came over to teach me how to make butter, and @northwestgreens was on hand to hang out with us and took some pics.

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Baking and cooking with weed infused butter is gaining popularity at such a rapid rate. You probably used to think you were a bad ass with your old, “Magic Brownie” recipe, right? Now…don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice stand by, but now you can make cupcakes, lemon bars, and full on hearty meals using weed butter. Weed Butter, or Cannabutter, as it’s also called, is a great alternative for people who either can’t, or don’t like smoking or vaping, but still want to utilize weed’s awesome, feel-good effects and it’s medicinal benefits.

Something I was asked when I shared pics of the action was if I decarboxylated my weed, I didn’t, and if my butter doesn’t work I will know why. For those of you new to weed and edibles, weed has many components, from THC to CBD’s, but there’s another component called THCA. Like CBD, THCA has many other benefits, but doesn’t have psychoactive effects. When THCA is lit, or vaped it is then turned into THC and that’s when you’ll start to feel high. A common practice when making edibles is something called decarboxylation, to decarboxylate your weed, all you have to do is lay your weed down on a cookie sheet and place it in your oven until it turns golden brown. You don’t always have to decarboxylate because not all weed is THCA only, but to get the full benefits, it’s highly recommended. I am planning to decarb the next time I make a batch of butter to see if I notice a difference.
You’ll Need:

  • 2 oz weed/trim
  • 1 lb butter (4 sticks, salter/unsalted depends on your preference)
  • Decent Size Pot For Cooking
  • Cheesecloth For Straining (Mesh Strainer and spoon will also work)
  • Rubber Gloves For Straining
  • Bowl To Cool butter
  • Spoon For Stirring
  • Container With Tight Fitting Lid To Store Butter

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Cooking The Butter:
1. Pour in sticks of butter, and melt down.
2. Slowly pour your weed into the melted butter, a little at a time while you stir, make sure you get it nice and coated.
3. Simmer on low-medium heat for 1 hour, stirring in between to make sure nothing sticks. You don’t want it boiling over, but you should see small bubbles forming. If your weed still looks green, cook it a little longer, you want the cooked weed to look brownish.
4. When done grab the bowl you’re using to cool the butter and some cheese cloth (or strainer), place cheesecloth around the bowl and secure, after cheesecloth is secure start pouring the butter in and when you have all the grounds inside the cheese cloth tie that up and hold it over the bowl and squeeze to make sure you get all the remaining liquid out.
5. Let butter cool down a few minutes and then pour it into your storage container and place inside your refrigerator for later use.

Making weed butter definitely wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, and during the whole process I did come up with ways that would definitely make this a little easier on me. First and foremost, make sure you aren’t baking anything while you’re making butter. My stove and oven are gas, so as I was baking some banana bread, I did notice the oven made the whole stove much hotter than if I just had one burner going. Because of how hot everything was I made sure to keep an extra eye on my butter, and made sure to stir it often so it didn’t burn. I even removed it from the heat a bit to let it cool down. If you have a double broiler this would help with the heat factor, you could also try cooking the butter in your crockpot, something I hope to try next time.

Since it was a small group of us making the butter, pouring it over the cheesecloth was pretty easy, if you wind up doing this alone, make ure you get some rubber bands, or something to secure the cheesecloth, you don’t want to spill your butter or burn yourself, that stuff is hot, hot, HOT! If you don’t want to use cheesecloth, you can use a metal, mesh strainer, but some of the grounds might make their way through the holes when you push the grounds against the strainer.

I have a decent amount of weed butter I am excited to play with, I was thinking of making some Fruity Pebble Rice Krispy Treats, or Lemon Bars. I have a few books with some awesome recipes, I even saw one for Chocolate Covered Strawberries…..DEADLY! I was originally going to make a video of the weed butter session, but it didn’t wind up happening, but it may in the future. I had so much fun making butter with my friends, not only did we smoke and do some dabs that had me SO sleepy after we were done, but it was cool to just talk and chill with friends. Apparently this is normal when making butter, if that’s true, sign me up! Do you have a certain way you cook your cannabutter, or any awesome baking/cooking recipes you’d like to share? Leave them in the comments!

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