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Oregon medical marijuana law update from ICG

Just got a quick update email from International Conferences Group LLC about proposed changes to Oregon medical marijuana law and thought I’d share it. Cheers! -SueVo:

“Without any public testimony, Senate Bill 964 passed through the Senate-only Implementing Measure 91 Committee Monday unanimously and will now move onto the Senate floor for a vote. The vote is expected to occur next Tuesday, giving patients and advocates time to urge senators to oppose the measure. While it is disappointing that the bill passed out of committee, it still needs to pass the full Senate, the House and the Joint Ways and Means Committee.

Senate Bill 964 decreases the number of plants allowed at grow sites; adds fees; allows for garden inspections; mandates reporting; forces growers to keep records for two years; and changes the definition of “mature plant” to include non-growing plants that are drying. It is imperative that we stop this bill. Please stay tuned for updates and new calls to action as we work to defend patients and the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.”