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Strain Review: Blue Kush by Glass House Grown

I recently had the pleasure of trying out a new-to-me strain called, Blue Kush. This version of Blue Kush was picked up from Ascend, a dispensary in Portland, and it was grown by Glass House Grown. Oh, and did I mention that it won 1st place at the 2015 Oregon Medical Cannabis Cup for “Best Indica“?

Leafly describes Blue Kush as a sativa dominant hybrid, but the Blue Kush I had the pleasure of trying was made with a blend of DJ Short Blueberry and Afghani as it’s parents, making this a nice indica. For a strain with the word “blue” in it’s name, it doesn’t have much blue (not all of them do), but if you examine the nug you’ll see notes of blue and purple here and there. The flowers were a lovely shade of green, with bright orange hairs, and it’s trichomes covered them like a speckled diamond coat. I didn’t want the tips of my fingers to be sticky afterwards so I broke the buds down a bit and put them in my grinder, with one twist the dense nugs were ground up and my kief catcher was nice and full….yum. Blue Kush had a lovely, berry aroma, and left a grape taste that reminded me of grape Bubbilicious “Gonzo Grape” that had me wanting more.

Testing out at 21.67% THC and .10% CBD means that Blue Kush packs itself a nice punch. Since Blue Kush comes from two indica’s, I decided that it was best to try this at night in case it left me feeling tired. At first I didn’t feel so much tired as I did relaxed…and giggly. I felt a sense of childish euphoria that gave me the creative spark to get the artwork for this Bruce Banner #3 review done. About an hour after it’s cerebral effects faded a little, I start to feel a different sort of relaxation, my eyes start to feel full and heavy and suddenly…my arthritis pain disappears, something I attribute to it’s magical CBD’s! Weed doesn’t always take the pain away, but it does help manage, and when you can find a good strain that helps you in that way, it’s important to share it.

Blue Kush: 6 – Woody Harrelson


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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