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Strain Review: Bruce Banner #3 by Braveheart 420

When you think of Bruce Banner, who do you think of? You think of his superhero, alter ego the Incredible Hulk, and that ANGRY temper, that can then lead you down a google wormhole of Bruce Banner/Hulk searches that will no doubt include Lou Ferigno’s thighs in those tattered jorts. What you don’t think about is weed, so enter the strain Bruce Banner #3, a new favorite of mine.

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Bruce Banner #3 is a hybrid strain that is one of 3 phenotypes of the Bruce Banner strain, it’s a mix of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. I picked up Bruce Banner #3 from River City Holistic Health, along with Peaches and Tangie Banana Surprise, expect one more review from that haul soon. Bruce Banner #3 was grown by High Times Cannabis Cup winner Braveheart420.

A true master of his craft with over 20 years experience in medicinal cannabis cultivation and a vast knowledge of the cannabis industry. He is the moderator/grow guru on the kylekushman.com community message board and Kyle Kushman’s right hand man. A product specialist for the most advance veganic plant nutrient system on the market today. Also winner of the 12thAnnual Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards for potency. Braveheart’s main focus is on cultivating clean, true veganic, organic medicine.

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River City describes Bruce Banner #3’s effects as a: “strong yet, uplifting high“, first I felt this level of concentration and focus that made me feel like Bruce Banner trying to hold back his nasty alter ego. Shortly after that I felt this surge of creativity that broke out of me just like Hulk would. It was a great mix. The orange pistils reminded me of the fray on Bruce’s frayed jeans after someone made him angry, and the full, frosty buds reminded me of his bulging muscles before a “Hulk Smash”.

At first smell, Bruce Banner #3 is very soft and sweet, but once you break into those nugs you’ll smell the pungent, diesel, it’s just a little softer. The taste is similar, you get the diesel taste with a little sweetness to it. Bruce Banner #3 is a great strain for people who are stressed and worn it, melting it away toke after toke. It’s also a god strain to have on hand if you’re lacking focus, I guess you can say it’s perfect?

Bruce Banner #3: 10 – Willie Nelson


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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