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Strain Review: Dream Beaver by Phat Panda

The awesome folks from New Vansterdam were awesome enough to ask little-old-me to do a strain review for them, and I kindly obliged. I decided to post my review here as well, I am gonna leave it in their format, but I added more pics to the pos and a description from their grower that’s pretty great (Click here to read the review on New Vansterdam):

The genetics of Dream Beaver marijuana seeds are Dirty Hippy crossed to Appalachia. Dirty Hippy is an Afgooey blocked cross and sister to the Snow Lotus male, Appalachia is Green Crack x JJ’s Tres Dawg created by H&l. this magical mammalian hybrid smells of muskrat, kitchen herbs, caramelized onion, baked garlic, animal den, she musk, pomelo, peppercorn, and pink grapefruit zest…no joke… with a blast off Sativa high that really gets you moving and grooving, and hefty yields of some of the most exotic buds on the block. Get your dreams in motion with some dream beaver in your victory garden.

Reviewer Name: Mrs. Nice Guy

Tolerance: Mid to High

Strain Name: Dream Beaver
Strain Category: Hybrid
Grower: GrowOp Farms – Phat Panda
Method Of Intake: I used my trusty MIO glass, “Bongula the 2nd”, “Bongula the 1st” died in a horrible fall, her faithful service will always be missed. Upon my second session I used my pipe because I feel like I can taste the weed a little better with a pipe than a bong.
Looks: Not only does Phat Panda grow some good looking lettuce, their packaging/branding is eye catching as well. Dream Beaver’s nugs were a bright, green, covered in sugary trichomes and amber colored pistils that were enveloped within. The buds were hard, but not dry, they had a nice level of stickiness, and found that you get a better burn when ground up or broken down with scissors or fingers.
Scent: Soft smell a little musty, or woodsy? Something you might find a beaver chomping on, speaking of beavers, they don’t mess around. Beavers are the secret G’s of the forest.
Taste: Personally, I didn’t taste much from this stuff, but I usually don’t unless it’s stronger. Upon exhaling, Dream Beaver left a nice, fresh taste.
The High: I decided to smoke Dream Beaver before one of my random Sunday evening guilty pleasures, watching America’s Funniest Home Videos, but soon my focus veered away from watching nut-shots, and spilled into working on the strain review you’re reading right now, and helped me get some other projects started, ideas were shooting out of me like I was Iron Man or something . I became a multitasking machine, as I worked on my review, I was also able to responded to emails, and get some other things done around the house. Expect dreamy creativity and laughter mixed with an energetic focus.
Summary: I mainly smoke to enlighten creativity (recreational), enhance awkward social situations (recreational), and for pain (I am a mmj patient and use cannabis to treat my pain, THIS IS NOT A REVIEW FOR ANYTHING MEDICAL). With levels that tested out at 0.3% THC, 0.2% CBD, and 28.10% THCA, I feel like Dream Beaver is a good strain for people who smoke for the same reasons I do.  This stuff is great for group functions and just what you need to get your brain working. If you haven’t heard of THCA, THCA has anti-inflammatory properties and can also help w/ nausea and appetite loss. When THCA is lit, it is then turned into THC (great video w/ an easy explanation). Boom, Science!

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