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Strains For Mommy Dearest

It’s that time of year again, when we celebrate the women who went through grueling hours of labor to push our, ungrateful asses out of their lady biznass. WHY IT’S MOTHER’S DAY YOU INGRATES! While some of you are taking your moms out to a lovely brunch, others are buying their moms chocolates, and flowers…but have you ever thought about buying dear old mom some “flower”? Bet you never thought that’d ever be a gift option, and thought of buying weed for your mom seems so weird and backwards it’s pretty surreal. Well, the times are changing and now it is an option, and I guess it also depends on the type of relationship you have with your mom too. But, I’m not here for that, I’m here for the people who are crazy-awesome enough to even consider it! Here are some strains I’d recommend for your Queen (you may not call your mom a queen, but my mom makes us, love you mom):


Peaches is a lovely sativa with a peachy aroma that comes through when you split open one of it’s frosty nugs. When I smoked this strain I was happy with how happy and uplifted I felt for how low the thc levels were. It’s a great daytime strain and awesome for any mom who likes to start off with an energizing, but mellow wake & bake session. This is something mom can smoke while she sips her morning tea.

The other day I was at Ascend dispensary and when I asked what a good strain for Mother’s Day would be, out of the 3 recommendations, Shiskaberry is what I chose to use for this post. I got a gram of it to try out, but have yet to do so, I need to get with it! I chose Shiskaberry because of how colorful it was. While your mom’s busy awing at it’s purple leaves and sweet aroma, she’ll start to notice a happy head buzz that she may want to pair with a nice wine to wind down until it’s indica side starts to show.

Cookies & Cream is the perfect strain to wind down after a stressful day, it’s great smelling, full of sugary buds and smells of vanilla. If your mom works hard all day and loves nothing more than melting away her stress in a nice bubble bath, you could pair a bit of Cookies & Cream with a nice Butterball Bath Bomb from Lush.

For the progressive mother, who keeps up with the Kardashians, claims to be part of the Beyhive, and just wants Bruce Jenner to be happy, I give you Obama Kush. Obama Kush is known for it’s purple, frosty buds and grape flavor. This indica is perfect for a balanced experience that will leave the matriarch of your own Kardashian Klan feeling relaxed physically and a rush of euphoria that’ll have her feeling just perfect while she’s watching Scandal with the girls. (photo credit @growopfarms)

If your mom loves nothing more than to reminisce about old family vacations like that time you all went to Hawaii and you want to give her a little reminder to let her know that you also cherish those same memories, Jillybean is a great strain. Known for it’s fruity, tropical scent, Jillybean will leave your mom in a place of happy, tranquility. Jillybean will leave a hint of citrus on your lips upon exhaling and have her dancing to “If You Like Pina Coloda?” in record time, while she does the “Elaine“. (photo credit @northwestgreens)

Got a mom who loves nothing more than to be outdoors? Whether it’s gardening, camping, hiking, or prancersizing, Tangie is something that mom can enjoy while she does all of those things. Tangie is mostly known for it’s orange taste and aroma, but mom will definitely get down with it’s energetic sativa effects. (photo credit @northwestgreens)

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