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Colorado Ganja Tour From Bong Appetit

With cannabis and it’s culture being new to so many out there, even me, someone who’s smoked for years, it’s so nice to see so much content being shared that shows what it’s all about. Bloggers, bigger media entities, YouTubers and many more are finding ways to show the many different sides to us cannabis users and the culture surrounding it. Some are better than others and one of those doing it better are the people at Vice who have given cannabis users there very own cannabis culinary section called, “Bong Appetit“, which is part of their “Munchies” section. Bong Appetit “takes a cannabis-fueled culinary journey in search of bold flavors, colorful characters, and a truly high-end eating as Bong Appetit travels the world seeing out those with a passion for food, weed, and merriment.” I’ve posted a few Bong Appetit videos here before of Nona Marijuana (here and here), the famous weed granny known for her culinary expertise. Bong Appetit isn’t the only cannabis coverage Vice does, all you have to do is type in “cannabis” or “weed” and you’ve hit the mother-load of content.

In this episode of Bong Appetit, host Abdullah checks out the cannabis tourism scene in a small mountain town in Colorado. He rides in a stretched out Escalade with Cultivating Spirits, visits a craft garden and dispensary, High Country Healing, and ends the night with Jessica Catalano of Ganja Kitchen Revolution. The video is 24 minutes long, so if you’re like me, plan on watching this at home or on your lunch break, enjoy! (via)

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