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Friday Deals at Clark County pot shops: June 12

The Herbery on St Johns Boulevard, one of Vancouver's newest pot shops.
The Herbery on St Johns Boulevard, one of Vancouver’s newest pot shops. The store has a deal on all glass products this weekend.

Welcome to Friday Deals for the second weekend of June.

This week, Vancouver welcomes a new pot shop to the mix: GreenHead Cannabis. The store sits on a busy corner along St Johns Boulevard just north of Clark College. It’s the seventh store in Clark County, and I think you’ll find it’s unlike any of the others. Check it out when you get a chance.

Also this weekend, Main Street Marijuana is holding a new blowout sale with deals on a slew of strains sold in bulk.

We post these each week to spread more info about the local marijuana market to customers and readers, and also to encourage the community to check out every pot shop in the area. Watching the weekly changes in prices and product selection is also a great way to track the evolution of the industry.

Every week, we ask all of Clark County’s recreational marijuana stores to share two featured product deals. Then, we post them here every Friday on Cannabis Chronicles, and the deals tend to be available into the weekend while supplies last.

If you’re new to marijuana or just curious about the science behind it, take a look at our educational section:Cannabis 101. Want to know more about particular strains? Check out our strain reviews. We also have background about growers available in Clark County stores in our Meet the Grower section.

Now without further ado, here’s what you’ll find this time at your local pot shops.

From Cannabis Country Store, 1910 W. Main Street, Battle Ground

  1. From Agrijuana: Blue Magoo CO2 vape cartridges with a sixth of a gram, selling for $59.
  2. 1 gram of flower from The Happy Crowd for $15. Six strains to choose from ranging from 70 percent sativa to 100 percent indica.

From GreenHead Cannabis, 2815 St Johns Blvd, Suite B, Vancouver:

  1. Joints from Earth Rising Farm with Blue Magoo and Trainwreck selling for $5 apiece.

From The Herbery, 212 NE 164th Avenue, Suite #11, Vancouver:

Pipes at The Herbery.
Pipes at The Herbery.
  1. 10 percent off all glass items.
  2. 1 gram of Headband from Victory Farms selling for $15 apiece.
  3. 1 gram joints from Going Green selling for $11.50.

From The Herbery, 6018 N.E. St. John’s Blvd., Suite D:

  1. Same as the 164th Avenue store.

From High End Market Place, 1906 Broadway, Vancouver:

Joints at High End Market Place.
Joints at High End Market Place.
  1. Fatty Friday joints for $10 apiece (includes Marionberry and Pink).
  2. Kief joints from Top Cut Farms, $10 each
  3. 3.5 grams of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies for $70.
  4. 2 grams of Romulan for $35.

From Main Street Marijuana, 2314 Main St., Vancouver:

  1. Buy in bulk blowout sale.
  2. 2 grams of Virgin from Horse Heaven Hills High for $25.
  3. 2 grams of White Widow for $25.

From New Vansterdam, 6515 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver

  1. 1 gram of Lamb’s Bread Mango by Dama for $15.
  2. 1 gram of Bettie Page by Liberty Reach selling at $15 apiece.
  3. 1 gram of White Widow from K&M for $10.
  4. 1 gram of Dark Angel by Medicine Woman for $10.

    Main Street Marijuana has a deal on White Widow this weekend.
    Main Street Marijuana has a deal on White Widow this weekend.

Happy Friday!

-Justin Runquist




Store contact info:

Cannabis Country Store

1910 W. Main St.

Battle Ground


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@C4U_WA on Twitter


GreenHead Cannabis


2815 St Johns Blvd, Suite B

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The Herbery

(360) 841-7500

212 N.E. 164th Ave., Suite #11

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@theherberynw on Twitter


The Herbery (second location)

6018 N.E. St. John’s Blvd., Suite D


High End Market Place


1906 Broadway St.

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Main Street Marijuana


2314 Main St.

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New Vansterdam


6515 E. Mill Plain Blvd.

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@NVansterdam on Twitter