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High Trails: Lacamas Park – Lower Falls

Listening to trippy music, watching funny movies, and eating your favorite snacks are all great ways to enjoy your high, and now that weed’s legal some of you are probably wondering, “Becks, are there any other ways I can enjoy my high?”. Well, yes there are, and whether you like it or not, I am here to help. For smokers new, old, or those visiting from places near and far I am hoping to offer some activity ideas, or things to see and do while you’re here. Posts like this may even inspire people who aren’t planning to visit the Pacific Northwest with things to do in their own areas.

I’m finally sitting my butt down to write! Praise whatever higher being you praise and if you don’t praise any beings, well then, just give me a nice pat on the back. My first High Trails post was about the Lacamas Hertiage Trail at Lacamas Lake Regional Park in Camas, you can still catch me walking there because it’s more of a trail for runners and walkers and less of a typical hiking trails. Well, a couple weeks ago I decided to hit one of the many Lacamas Park Trails at Round Lake. Round Lake is still a part of the Lacamas Lake Regional Park, it’s located across the street from Lacamas Lake and offers a 6 mile network of trails for hikers and cyclists, scenic areas for bird watchers, and Round Lake is a great place for fishing (don’t actually quote me on that).

The morning we hit the trail it was slightly cool and gray, the weather was supposed to be nice, but the overcast clouds hadn’t decided to move out of the damn way. The previous night, Friday, I had convinced my mom, sister, niece, and husband to join me, they all agreed and that was the plan. For whatever reason, that night I couldn’t sleep, so I stayed up to make some Fruit Pebble Rice Krispy Treats. I didn’t eat the treats before the hike, but I should’ve because they turned out BOMB! Instead I smoked before meeting my family, Apple Kush (haven’t review it yet) was the strain of choice. Apple Kush was a smooth, crisp strain and had a clean smell, the high it provides is slightly euphoric.  Some of you new smokers might think it’s weird, maybe even appropriate to be high around your family, but this is how “stoners” have been tolerating their families for years. Not to say that my family is one of those where you need to be high around them, I just find that I am more pleasant to be around when I’m high. I’m more open and talkative, unlike me when I’m sober: QUIET. I’m also pretty lucky that i don’t have to fear judgement from my family, so being high around them isn’t so uncomfortable.

Like most trails, you’re treated to many of the same things: trees, rivers, rocks, and dirt. I’m not going to act like the trails I hit are superior to others, but I do want to share my experience connecting with mother nature while on one of it’s oldest plants (weed, duh) with you. I’ve been trying to appreciate nature more, and hiking is the perfect way to do it…….mix in some weed and it’s “everything is beautiful” effects and you’re in for a real treat, As I was walking down the trail with my family, soaking in the beautiful scenery, I couldn’t help but feel blessed. I am confident enough in myself to admit that it almost made me teary eyed. Every time I came to a moss covered rock, or tree I couldn’t help but smile as it reminded me of my grandma. You’re probably thinking “MOSS?”, yes, moss makes me think of my grandma, shut it!

We started our trek at the beginning of the trail, on the right side of Round Lake, the trail takes you over the dam before you get to choose-your-own-adventure. We decided to head down a side trail to the Lower Falls portion of the trail. I’m new to hiking, and all of the local scenery in the area, so I left the navigating to my mom and sister since they’re knowledge on the local rivers and trails seems to be pretty extensive. Since we did have my niece in tow and the slick trail, we didn’t go too fast. I forgot my earbuds, so instead of drowning out conversations and half paying attention, I got to joke around with my niece through the course of our hike and being disconnected in that way wasn’t a total loss.

This trail mostly goes downhill, and since we were going at a slower pace, in the beginning I didn’t think I was getting a good workout, something I want when I am hiking. When we decided to head back up I was sorely mistaken (pun intended), my thighs were burning on the back way up! It was nice to see that there were so many places there were for people to chill out, or set up picnics, and there’s plenty of places to sneak away to take a few hits without being seen. I was thinking of maybe one of these days bringing a chair or mat, some weed, music, and a good book to one of the spots to relax one day.

Since Lacamas Park is close to my house many of the posts may be from there, but since there’s 6 miles of park out there to view, I am sure each experience will be different. Like I mentioned above, the weather that morning was cooler than it was the day that I am posting this, we hit 90 degrees today, and with the Summer here I am hoping to get in more hiking and sun, I hope this helps inspire some of you other smokers to get off your butt and enjoy the local scenery. Hope you enjoy the pictures!



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