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Meet the grower: Brian Stroh from CannaMan Farms

Brian Stroh, right, with a few of his bud trimmers in March at CannaMan Farms in Vancouver.
Brian Stroh, right, with a few of his bud trimmers in March at CannaMan Farms in Vancouver.

If you’re curious about the people behind the locally grown marijuana you see on store shelves, you’ll want to check out this new video interview with Brian Stroh, the owner of Vancouver’s own CannaMan Farms.

The video comes to us from Lynn Gaither at New Vansterdam. She’s done a series of videos with Southwest Washington growers, and there’ll be plenty more to come. So, stay tuned.

CannaMan holds the distinction of being the third licensed producer/processor in Washington and the first in Clark County. For now, it’s a Tier 1 grower, the smallest type in Washington’s system. Stroh plans to expand, but he’s wisely taking a slow, cautious approach.

The indoor farm raises a collection of small plants and only a handful of strains. That’s part of what separates CannaMan from many other growers who are more concerned about producing mass quantities of cannabis each month.

“We are really looking to be a high-end, top-shelf cannabis producer,” Stroh says in the video.

Last month, CannaMan sold $35,289 worth of product, according to financial figures from the Washington State Liquor Control Board. So far, March has been Stroh’s best month for 2015 with $63,404 in sales. His best month overall was last October, when CannaMan sold $70,671 worth of product.

For any CannaMan fans out there, Stroh also shares some interesting news in the video: The company is just moving into producing oils, waxes, shatter and other marijuana extracts. So far, CannaMan has only produced flower and bubble hash, he said.

CannaMan products are sold at more than a dozen stores throughout the state. Locally, you’ll find them at High End Market Place and New Vansterdam. They’re also way out in North Bonneville at The Cannabis Corner.

– Justin Runquist