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Meet the grower: Honu, Inc.

Honu-Turtle-and-logo-onlyLynn Gaither from New Vansterdam recently sat down for a nice video interview about one of Southwest Washington’s newest recreational marijuana growers: Honu Enterprises.

The Tier 3 grower (largest type in Washington) is a family business, and together the growers have more than 35 years of growing experience. In case you’re curious, Honu is a Hawaiian word for green sea turtle, a symbol of peace and longevity in Hawaiian culture. That’s what the business’s leaders hope to represent in the marijuana industry.

As you’ll see, the company’s focused on using a variety of sustainable energy practices, like solar power. You won’t see that everywhere in this industry.

Stay tuned for more videos like this in the coming weeks. Now, check it out and enjoy the hot, sunny weekend.

– Justin Runquist