Mrs. Nice Guy

Nugshots Strain Stickers

I just wanted to quickly share these dope stickers I got from the Nugshots store. There’s 3 versions: Girl Scout Cookies, Grand Daddy Purp, and Jacker Herer. You can buy each separately for $2.50, or you can buy a 3 pack for $5.00.

All Nugshots stickers are printed on thick, durable, die-cut vinyl. With a UV laminate, this sticker will stand up to rain, sunlight, scratches, and whatever else you can throw at it.

As soon as I got mine I slapped one on my Mrs. Nice Guy binder, it holds my life. The stickers are pretty thick and feel like they’ll get a lot of wear & tear. Get your hand on some when you can, they’re sold out now, but keep your eyes peeled for when they get restocked, these stickers are great for tables, binders, water bottles, anywhere you want to proudly state: I LOVE WEED.


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