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Strain Review: Golden Pineapple by Green Bodhi

You can bet that if a strain has “Pineapple” in the name, I’m probably gonna swoop it up. The first time I had heard of the strain “Golden Pineapple” it was on the rec side, a grower Phat Panda had their version of Golden Pineapple on store shelves and I kept seeing good things about it, this meant I needed to try it! I didn’t go with Phat Panda’s version, but Leafly told me that Happy Leaf, a  medical dispensary in Portland had it in stock, so I picked up an eighth for myself to try out.

This version of Golden Pineapple was grown by OMMP grower, Green Bodhi. I don’t know much about the grower Green Bodhi, but I am hoping to become more familiar with them (LET’S GET A VISIT/INTERVIEW GUYS). Hey, there’s no shame in self promotion. Green Bodhi’s, Hazy Kush, was recently featured in Northwest Leaf and I did find out that Green Bodhi is Clean Green Certified, something that should make patients happy.

So before I get to the strain type and it’s lineage let me apologize for not having all the information I should have. I’m bad at asking questions and bothering people, something I need to get over, because I miss out on valuable information. The biggest reason I don’t do this is because I feel it’s SO pretentious to be like “I have a weed blog, can I get that information, please wait for me to write this down”, and originally my intention was to call ahead so I can get a one on one with someone, so I wouldn’t feel bothersome. Anyway, I will stop this after the next few batches of strain reviews. I PROMISE I WILL GET BETTER AT THIS.

Golden Pineapple was listed as a sativa from Happy Leaf, but Leafly has it as hybrid. After my time with Golden Pineapple, I can say that this felt like more of a sativa to me than a hybrid. If the lineage is the same with what I smoked, Golden Pineapple is a mix of Golden Goat and Pineapple Kush. Testing out at THC levels of 25.98% and CBD  levels of 0.054%, meaning BLAST OFF! The high sets in after a couple minutes and when it kicks in you’ll start to smile and even feel somewhat energetic. I smoked this morning/noon/night and felt peppy each time with no groggy comedown effects whatsoever.

The smell on Golden Pineapple was unreal! Upon first smelling Golden Pineapple you’ll get strong lemon notes that stung my nostrils like it was a mixed with Sour Diesel, but after splitting that bitch open, you’ll start smelling a sweet tropical scent that made me wish I had paired it with a Malibu & Pineapple juice. With Summer officially here, I can say that now since we’ve had 80-90 degree days, right? Okay, so with the Summer here, I am officially nominating Golden Pineapple as the perfect Summertime strain for all! Medically, Golden Pineapple is great for patients who suffer from depression, have stressful lives that they often times find hard to manage, or those who deal with different types of pain. With Golden Pineapple’s happy and euphoric effects, stress will melt away one toke at a time. Recreational users, Golden Pineapple is perfect for everything you need it for: laughing, socializing, outdoor activities, indoor activities (hehe), anything you need it for, Golden Pineapple will be there to assist you! The nugs I got were packed tight and sticky AF and reminded me of Bodhi from Point Break’s beautiful, blonde flowing locs. Fact: I got this strain because Green Bodhi reminded me of Bodhi from Point Break. Fact: If you smoke Golden Pineapple while watching Point Break you’ll reach new levels of zen (just don’t rob any banks).

With Golden Pineapple’s happy, carefree effects and striking terpene profile, what’s not to like? Pick up some Golden Pineapple, light it up, and toast to the Summer of 2015!

Golden Pineapple: 8 – B-Real


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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