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The Harvest 6-11-15

IMG_4851(Pic from Solstice in Seattle taken by Mrs. Nice Guy)

I’ve tried to post news stories here as often as I can, I tried summarizing articles, but found it was way too time consuming, especially when there are better writers and outlets out there sharing the same stories. I even tried a daily link dump called “Daily Dabs”, but never actually did it “daily”. Let’s hope that with my new, somewhat, daily feature I can pick things up a little.

“The Harvest” is much like “Daily Dabs” was, in that I am sharing links to the cannabis news and content I am reading and paying attention to, nothing’s really changed but the name. The idea however, of me harvesting these links for my readers, well that sounds a hell of a lot more exciting. Within “The Harvest”, I will also be sharing some of my favorite weed pics, gifs, tweets, and Instagram accounts. So, if you’re too lazy to seek out the cannabis news and links yourself, I hope that you’ll check in with us to see what’s up.

New Data Sheds Interesting Light On The Relationship Between Weed & Sex

What Is A Cannabinoid Deficiency?

7 Habits Of Highly Effective Stoners

Ancient Russian Warrior Race Pre-Funked Battles with Cannabis Packed in Gold Bongs

9 Year Old Boy Speaks First Words After Using Cannabis Oil

Bay Area Lawyers Launch Cannabis Bar Association

Eye Candy: Spectacular Marijuana Designs From 3 Local Companies – Phat Panda’s packaging is why they’re my favorite I502 company out there. Consumers don’t want baggies, we want good weed that’s packaged creatively. With great weed, fun strain names, and eye-catching packaging, it’s gonna be fun to see where they end up in the long term.

WHO YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWING: @PDXHERBNERD – Stellar pics and reviews of some of Oregon’s finest.


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