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The Harvest 6-19-15


This picture is from my trip to Cannaman Farms last October, it was the first grower tour I’d ever been on and I was in awe at the precision and care it takes to grow weed. I got to me with their owner, Brian and the head grower Shane for a bit. Hoping to possibly do another tour sometime.

Ex-WWE Star Val Venis Proclaims Pot Saved His Life – Hellllooooo, Ladiiiiiies! (Sorry, this is all I think about when I think of, Val Venis.) With the amount of action a WWE athlete’s body see’s, it should come as no surprise that injuries arise and some needing major surgery, and with major surgery comes major meds, and with major meds comes addiction. Not just an the WWE, but it’s nice to see more and more athletes coming out in favor of using cannabis medically over pills.

Video: Activist Who Lives In Denver and Washington D.C. Compares Both Markets

A Tainted High: Lax state rules, inconsistent lab practices and inaccurate test results put pesticide-laced pot on dispensary shelves

New Data Sheds Interesting Light on Relationship Between Weed and Sex

Local Marine Brings Awareness To Overmedicated Veterans With Photography Project

First ‘Aphrodisiac Weed’ Targeted to Women Hits the Market

U.S. Welcomes First Cannabis Resort – If you’re thinking about staying here, be prepared to drop some serious cashish! I wanna stay here, it looks so fun and beautiful!!

Washington Cannabis Workers Approves Its First Labor Contract

WHO YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWING: @dankgoddess – Food porn, weed porn, nature porn, and beautiful quotes. Dankgoddess’ account always makes me stop and think about the wonderful things in my life.


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