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The Harvest 6-23-15


(This is another pic from my Solstice visit…this was me trying to be a photographer.)


All The Drug Dealers You’ll Meet In Your 20’s

15 Summer Essentials Every Stoner Needs – I think I’m covered, are you? What would you add to this list?

Cannabis Culture In The Age Of The Selfie

How An Ohio Ballot Could Create A Cannabis Monopoly

Oregon Launches A Recreational Cannabis Education Campaign

Feds Paying For Sewer Analysis Of Pot Usage In Washington

Colorado Will Receive A Cannabis Tax

5 Reasons You Should Add Cannabis Leaves To Raw Juice Recipes – This was sent to my by one of my cousins, I won’t say which one, but it’s awesome my family is accepting of my blog.

Cannabis Allergies: Hear It Straight From From A Real Anaphylactic Allergy Patient

WHO YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWING: @luckysunshineday – This dude is the Master Grower at CannaMan Farms an I502 grower here in Washington.


MUNCHIES: Peanut Butter & Jelly Glazed Donut



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