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The Herbery to host Phat Panda reps, ‘Dabs for Dads’

Inside The Herbery on 164th Avenue in Vancouver.
Inside The Herbery on 164th Avenue in Vancouver.

The Herbery is planning for a busy holiday weekend with a couple big events set for Saturday and Sunday at both of its locations.

On Saturday, Johnny Wilson, the vice president of Spokane-based Grow Op Farms, will be on hand with several other company representatives for a special event promoting Phat Panda and Sticky Frog, which both come from Grow Op. The Herbery recently became the only Clark County store to carry the full line of Phat Panda products, which have become pretty popular in this area.

“We carry everything they sell,” said Jim Mullen, the co-owner of The Herbery. “And if we don’t have it, that’s because they sold out.”

Wilson said Grow Op has established a strong and special working relationship with the pot shop.

“They just have a really cohesive, go-to market strategy,” Wilson said. “It’s an absolute delight doing business with those guys.”

Then, on Sunday, The Herbery will host a special deal on dabs in honor of Father’s Day. See the store’s press release below for more details.

– Justin Runquist

As the exclusive Vancouver premium cannabis retailer to carry the Phat Panda Cannabis product line (#PHATPANDA), including Sticky Frog Oils & Shatter, The Herbery is excited to hold a Phat Panda/Sticky Frog Event this Saturday, June 20th at both Herbery locations: St. Johns location (6018 NE St. Johns Rd) between 10am – 2pm, and at 164th (212 NE 164th Avenue) between 3pm – 7:00pm.  Phat Panda and Sticky Frog have over 40 strains of premium marijuana, oils and shatter and are known for such favorites as Berry White, Berry Sour Creme, Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, Orange Crush, Bodacious Berry, Boom Crack Pow, Golden Pineapple and many more.

We’re offering fantastic discounts to customers and fans of Phat Panda / Sticky Frog this Saturday including 1-gram Phat Panda Berry Sour Creme joints for only $8 (limit 2 per customer), 10% off all other pre-roll Phat Panda joints, ($14.40 each), and all Phat Panda and Sticky Frog flower/bud, oil and shatter will be 20% off all day”, explained Jim Mullen, The Herbery Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer.  “In addition, Phat Panda experts will showcase their products, and customers purchasing $100 or more worth of Phat Panda or Sticky Frog products will be eligible to receive a limited supply of Phat Panda T-shirts”,  added Mullen. “The Herbery is proud to be the exclusive Vancouver retailer for the Phat Panda and Sticky Frog product line, produced in a state-of-the-art growing facility using perfected growing techniques executed by great people”.

Plus, Sunday only, June 21st, Father’s Day Special, The Herbery presents “Dabs For Dads Day” featuring Cowlitz Cannabis Company’s premier line of concentrates, wax and shatter including White Widow Shatter & White Widow Wax, Super Silver Wax and Humboldt Wax. Full grams only $55, and 1/2 grams only $30. Dabs are a CO2 or butane extraction from the plant and concentrated into a high THC smokable concentrates known as oil, wax and shatter.

Both Herbery locations offer high quality product lines, premium service, cannabis, strains, glassware and edibles. At The Herbery, customers examine and select products from display cases, then The Herbery budtenders offer choices of selection and packages. The customer chooses what they get, before they pay, so they know exactly what they are purchasing.

The Herbery also invites customers to hear about exclusive specials and events via text message by texting ‘Herbery’ to 83350.