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Cannabis Creative Conference Coming To Portland


I’m hoping I will see some of you at the Cannabis Creative Conference this month, on July 29 & 30 at the Expo Center, attendees will be treated to 20+ sponsors & investors, 50+ industry speakers, and 600 + business professional to net work with. The normal price is $295, but it’s dropped to $149, so if you can get your tickets now!

I’ve been going to more and more events lately and they really are a great place to meet other like minded individuals in the industry. I’ve picked up so many business cards and helpful information, it’s crazy. There are way TOO many speakers to list, but some will include: Farmer Tom Lauerman, Sara Batterby of Women Grow & Hifi Farms, Matt & Megan Walstatter of Pure Green, Adam Stites of Mirth Provisions, and many more. I was looking over the the agenda for the speaking sessions and a lot are geared towards helping new and current cannabusiness operators function in this growing industry. Expect tips from industry leaders on branding your business, marketing, banking, financing, funding, legislation, and stories from how they got to where they were and why they’re successful, read over the agenda. The vendor list looks promising too, the vendors include: Vuber, H.E.M.P., Kush Bottles, Roots Garden Supply, Eden Labs, and more. If you’re interested in sponsoring or being a vendor visit the exhibitors page, and check out the exhibitors prospectus. If you’re visiting from out of town and need information on where to stay, or have other general inquiries visit the contact page, and register for the event here. Will I see some of you there?

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