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Friday Deals at Clark County pot shops: July 3

Pre-rolled Agrijuana joints on sale at the Cannabis Country Store this weekend.
Pre-rolled Agrijuana joints on sale at the Cannabis Country Store this weekend.

Welcome to what is likely to be the biggest sales weekend yet for Washington’s recreational marijuana market. Oh, and welcome to Friday Deals.

Sales figures for pot shops have continued to skyrocket this year, especially on Fridays. Now, heading into the Fourth of July weekend with possession legal in Oregon and very low prices on store shelves, store owners are expecting more sales activity than ever before.

Things could be especially interesting with The Herbery selling $4 grams today and High End Market Place doing the same thing tomorrow. It’s also Zoots Week, so every store carrying the edibles has specials on them this weekend. Check it out below for more details.

Anyway, here at Cannabis Chronicles, we publish Friday Deals each week to keep you up to speed on what’s happening in the local marijuana market. Tracking the weekly changes in prices and product selection is a great way to see how the industry evolves.

Every week, we ask all of Clark County’s seven recreational marijuana stores to pass along a few featured product deals. Then, we post them here on Fridays, and the prices usually continue into the weekend while supplies last.

If you’re new to marijuana or just curious about the science behind it, take a look at our educational section: Cannabis 101. Want to know more about strains? Check out our strain reviews. We also have background on growers available in Clark County stores in our Meet the Grower section.

Now without further ado, here’s what you’ll see this weekend at your local pot shops.


From Cannabis Country Store, 1910 W. Main Street, Battle Ground:

  1. From Agrijauna and Cedar Creek, special holiday pre-roll four-packs of half-gram joints for $29.
  2. Agrijuana buckshot bud selling for $10 a gram. 2-gram packs also available for $20.
  3. 14 grams of Agrijuana in a reusable Nug Jug for $196.

    Chug A Nug
    14 grams from Agrijuana in a reusable jar.
  4. Half-gram pre-rolled joints for $10.
  5. Various deals on Zoots and other edibles.

From GreenHead Cannabis, 2815 St Johns Blvd, Suite B, Vancouver:

  1. All Zoots products selling for 10 percent off.
  2. Zoots Blast for $10 apiece.
  3. 10 percent off all grams from Earth Rising Farm.
  4. Top shelf joints for $10.

From The Herbery, 212 NE 164th Avenue, Suite #11, Vancouver:

  1. $4 grams of Cedar Creek OG Kush. Limit of one per customer while supplies last.
  2. 10 percent off all Zoots products.

    Zoots on sale this weekend at GreenHead Cannabis.
    Zoots on sale this weekend at GreenHead Cannabis.
  3. Two-for-one deal on all 25 milligram packs of Spot brownies and cookies.

From The Herbery, 6018 N.E. St. John’s Blvd., Suite D:

  1. Same as the 164th Avenue store.

From High End Market Place, 1906 Broadway, Vancouver:

  1. Fatty Friday deals on all JV Ranch joints.
  2. 3.5 grams of Grape Ape from Artizen for $40.
  3. Extended selection of $40 eighths.
  4. Spot Brownie Bites, two bags with 25 milligrams for $35 each.

From Main Street Marijuana, 2314 Main St., Vancouver:

  1. Cinex, 7 grams for $60.
  2. Dirty Girl, one ounce for $250.

From New Vansterdam, 6515 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver:

  1. 10 milligram Zoot Blasts for $10 apiece.
  2. Agrijuana Blueberry Skunk, selling at 2 grams for $20.

    Spot Brownie Bites on sale this weekend at High End Market Place.
    Spot Brownie Bites on sale this weekend at High End Market Place.
  3. Life Gardens Burmese Kush, 2 grams for $10.

Happy Friday!

-Justin Runquist




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GreenHead Cannabis


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The Herbery

(360) 841-7500

212 N.E. 164th Ave., Suite #11

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The Herbery (second location)

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High End Market Place


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Main Street Marijuana


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New Vansterdam


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