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Oregon State Senator Receives Bong As Gift

Now here’s something you don’t see everyday, yesterday, Oregon State Senator Ginny Burdick was gifted a killer bong as a gift for all the hard work she’s put in as co-chair of the Legislature committee that implemented Measure 91 to legalize recreational cannabis.

Senate Minority leader, Ted Ferrioli and John Day gifted Burdick with a bong worth $400! It was handcrafted by Woody Nelson, a glass artist from the Illinois Valley and was paid for using donations from every member of the Senate. It has a gold and navy color scheme, the official state colors, and a monogram on the base reads “State of Oregon”. According to the Oregonian, Burdick promised shed use her new glass piece as a single flower or “bud” vase. (more images & via)

1. What a awesome gift!


2. I thought Green & Yellow were Oregon’s state colors?

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