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Strain Review: Deadhead OG From NW Alchemy

Deadhead OG is another strain I copped when I was in Seattle (NW Alchemy) back in May. It’s described as a 60/40 hybrid strain that comes from Chemdawg 91 (hybrid) and SFV OG Kush (indica).

The buds were thick and fluffy, with beautiful little, flowing leaves, ruffled through out the nug. It’s pistils were a bright, amber color that contrasted nicely with the crystals that looked like they were sandblasted on. The smell Deadhead OG produces is a pungent, but pleasant skunky odor, and it’s taste is a sweet woodsy taste with small hints of pine.

Deadhead OG is a nice hybrid that was a good mix of indica and sativa effects that kept me even keeled throughout the day. Once you smoke it, the effects start off on the cerebral (sativa) side. The high set in immediately and at first I thought it might be overpowering, but was thrilled with how clear headed and focused I felt. Shortly after the body high (indica) set in, and again, it wasn’t overpowering, I smiled as I felt my body give into the relaxation.

Deadhead OG can be used to deal with things like PTSD, pain, depression, and can even be used with people who have trouble focusing due to things like ADD/ADHD. After smoking it for a couple days, I can attest to the effects of Deadhead OG: I felt more focused, relaxed and happy,instead of the stressed out basket case I can sometimes become. Again, this is a very STANKY DANK, so you’ll want to keep it stored in a sealed container, if you’re smoking it inside, open a window. I smoked some Deadhead OG and minutes later used Listerine and I could still taste it. I did find myself sniffing my fingers like some fiend after smoking too, because it LINGERS.

Deadhead OG: 6 – Woody Harrelson


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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