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Strain Review: Gorilla Glue #4

It’s funny, a few years back when I’d buy some weed, I never cared about a strain’s name, it’s origins, or it’s effects. It wasn’t until I started hanging out with a few people who had their medical cards, where I was like “holy shit there are a lot of strain names”. But, I still didn’t care because, I got weed illegally and that information wasn’t really something that was mentioned. Now that I’m a medical patient those things matter to me, and now that weed is in every-damn-place, you can’t escape the strain names, no matter how ridiculous some may be.

With all of that being said, in my short time being a medical patient (I think it’s almost been a year!), I’ve noticed a strain called Gorilla Glue #4 gaining popularity. The name is a little weird, right? What is Gorilla Glue? After hearing good things, when I was on a trip up North in May I picked some up. It took me forever to try it, and when I did I knew I needed more! After living G-free for a month, at the Best of Potland Party, a local grower was handing out samples of GG #4 and I magically wound up with like 4 grams of it….SCORE. I also found out that I’ll have easier access to some GG #4 soon too, that was happy news for me.

Gorilla Glue #4 is a hybrid strain, it had a sweet smell to it with earthy undertones that became more apparent as I released the smoke from my mouth. The buds are covered in trichomes and have a yellow, almost pale green shade to them. It’s effects can be described as potent, but I find that mostly true if you smoke too much. For novice smokers, one toke will do you just fine, but if you have a higher tolerance like myself a couple more won’t hurt you.

The effects of GG #4 are noticeable immediately after exhaling, at first I felt it mostly in my head and face. This strain might be called Gorilla Glue, but I felt more like Droopy (which was my fake “chola” name in jr. high, which is weird because I never smoked then and I wasn’t a chola). The more I smoked, the more chill I felt, and soon I had a full on body high that lasted over an hour. My eyes don’t really get red, or give off that “I LOOK HIGH” look much anymore, but I felt like my eyes were SO low.

GG #4 became really clutch for me recently. As I mentioned in my Bud Rub review, I recently screwed up my back pretty bad. Before I could get in to see a chiropractor all I could rely on was my foam roller, ice, a heating pad, Bud Rub, and thankfully, GG #4. Not only was Gorilla Glue able to take away the annoying twitch in my eye caused by worry, and stress, but it made the pain I felt throughout my whole back fade away to become more manageable.

If you suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, or any other ailment I think Gorilla Glue #4 would be a great addition to your arsenal to battle those crappy aches and pains. I don’t know how this strain is for people with anxiety, but given that it can leave you relaxed and uplifted, I don’t see why it’d hurt. This may not be something you want to smoke first thing in the morning if you’re a go-getter, but I felt like a couple small tokes in the morning were just what I needed to get my day started (i am SO not a morning person). Again, because this is a strong strain, start off small and then work your way up, you don’t wanna end up feeling STUCK (glue…stuck…get it?), or do you?

Gorilla Glue #4: 9 – Snoop


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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