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Strain Review: Wellness OG by Nameless Genetics

Back in May I picked up a couple grams of Wellness OG, after it was recommended to me by the shop owner of Happy Leaf, a nice OMMP shop on Broadway in Portland. Wellness OG is listed as a sativa dominant hybrid on Leafly, but in the description on Weed Maps, it’s listed as an indica. After consuming it, to me it felt like if this were a hybrid, that to me it leaned far more on the indica side, with cerebral effects that reminded me of a sativa.

Grown by Nameless Genetics, Wellness OG is a 4 time High Times Cannabis Cup winner, and tested out at 28.5% THC and a CBD count of .26%. The beautifully packed nugs were covered in some sticky-icky, trichomes, and it looked like some darker leaves and orange hairs were speckled throughout.

IMG_3899It had a pungent, lemon-pine smell, that was sort of sweet at the same time, and a pleasant taste when I blew out my smoke. After two bong hits I was so dunzo. I was in such a deep state of zen, that I couldn’t be bothered. My brain was tingling, and shortly after my body started to feel amazing! I’m really glad I decided to smoke this before bed, because I was ready to sleep like Stephen Curry after winning the NBA Championships. Wellness OG is a great strain to battle pain, stress, and great at calming your nerves if you’re feeling a little anxious. As mentioned above, expect a nice brain and body high.

Wellness OG: 9 – Snoop Dogg


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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