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The Harvest 7-1-15


Q & A: Everything You Need To Know About Legal Weed In Oregon

DEA Statistics Reveal Cannabis Cultivation Trends

Study: Breaking Up Nugs Can Make You Fail A Drug Test – This was an interesting study because this conversation needs to lead to a bigger one about testing. What I mean is how thorough testing should be, or can be…let’s say you don’t smoke, but you roll for someone you’re caring for, how can a positive like this affect your life?

Man Tries To Smuggle Mary Jane In Mary Jane Candy Wrappers – Way to be inconspicuous! Not only are you using a candy wrapper that screams “look at me”, but you couldn’t even keep the actual green from showing? WOW.

Downtown Brooklyn May House NY’s First Medical Dispensary

Legitimate Medical Cannabis Use Should Not Get You Fired

Jorge’s Encylopedia: Ensuring Female Seedlings

Weed Prices Are Falling In Colorado – Some prices are beginning to fall in the Pac NW as well!

Spokane’s First Cannabis Job Fair Has Huge Turn Out

NY State To Require Strict Dose For Medicinal Cannabis

Milwaukee Mayor Signs Ordinance To Reduce Cannabis Possession Fine

White House To let Researchers Study Medical Cannabis For PTSD

Denver Bars And Restaurants May Soon Feature On-Site Cannabis Consumption

WHO YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWING@ganjayoga – Dee is one of the 1st to cannabis-enhanced yoga in the states and I was lucky enough to attend a class while she was visiting Portland. Become familiar with her practice on IG where she shares tips on how you can practice ganja yoga if you’re unable to attend a class.


MUNCHIES: Pizza Burger Mozzerella Stick

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