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Topical Review: Bud Rub Medicinal Salve

Cannabis isn’t just about smoking or eating, some people prefer to medicate without the psychoactive effects that the THC in cannabis gives a person. So how do these people deal with pain? Well, they use topicals that are infused with cannabis to help take the pain away. I suffer from arthritis, that’s why I got my card, because I deal with chronic pain. Smoking helps, but I’ve been digging topicals lately, and you can’t go into an OMMP shop and not know what Bud Rub is. Bud Rub is a medicinal salve made of natural ingredients, like: organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, natural beeswax, organic menthol, and camphor. Bud Rub is a local company based out of Oregon, you can read more of their story here.

From their site:

Bud Rub’s topical medicinal salve utilizes the healing properties of organic cannabis, menthol and camphor to safely and effectively block pain and relax muscles without any psychoactive side effects. Camphor has been shown to stimulate nerve endings, relieve pain and swelling and increase blood flow when applied topically. Menthol relieves minor aches and pains and creates a stimulating sensation on the skin. When combined with the active properties of topically applied organic cannabis, a strong and effective low grade pain reliever is created, one that leaves your body relaxed where applied.

I received a few samples of the Bud Rub medicinal salve at their booth when I attended WW’s Best Of Potland party. The morning I decided to try Bud Rub was a pretty brutal morning. The arthritis I have in my toe was flaring up, my sciatica was flaring up, and my whole back was stiff from a hike where I went a little to H.A.M. Before using the Bud Rub salve I foam rolled for a few minutes to see if it’d help my back, but no such luck, so Bud Rub was my only answer. Before applying it I smelled it to see if it had a strong menthol smell, but was just meant with what I’m assuming was the camphor. The consistency of the salve was a little grainy, so you need to make sure you rub it thoroughly to make sure it really gets into the skin for maximum penetration. Repeat as needed. I applied some to my upper and lower back, the hip/buttocks area for my sciatica and I rubbed it as best as I could into my toe. The salve wasn’t greasy like some others I’ve used in the past and that was nice.

After applying the Bud Rub salve I decided to smoke myself out with some Gorilla Glue, a strain known to help you relax and alliviate chronic pain caused by arthritis. The nice thing about the Bud Rub is that you don’t get high off of it, so you can smoke while you medicate topically. When I finally felt relaxed enough I went back to my foam roller and I was met with the sounds of some much needed snap, crackle, and pops!  That’s how you know tension was released!

I was quite impressed with Bud Rub’s medicinal salve and would definitely use it again. I’ve been using it for a week now because what I thought was minimal sciatica pain, is a now a full blown flare up…NOT FUN! I’m not one for pain pills, so I relied on Bud Rub, and indicas/indica heavy strains to help, and it’s actually worked a great deal, and that’s awesome! It’s great for relieving aches and pains and a must-have for people who deal with chronic pain due to certain types of arthritis, sciatica, etc. Bud Rub has an extra strength version (need to try) of their topical and you can also find it in stick form at OMMP shops near you.

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