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Women Grow Oregon Chapter Holding 3rd Networking Event On Thursday

As more U.S. states are choosing to scale back cannabis prohibition, an industry that has long been forced underground is becoming one of the fastest growing markets in the country. The guerrilla basement gardens that have been perfected by so many growers are being replaced by warehouses that are thousands of square feet. Medical marijuana growers are now able to walk into their neighborhood dispensary to market their product, and soon recreational growers will have the same freedom. It’s crucial that growers, producers, retailers, and the industry professionals who are making the whole process run smoothly and safely are able to connect with each other to streamline the expansion of this budding industry.

Women Grow is a rapidly expanding organization designed to do just that. Founded in Denver in 2014, it is now nationwide, with chapters all over the country working to “connect, educate, inspire and empower the next generation of cannabis industry leaders.” If you have been in the cannabis industry long, I’m sure you’ve dreamt of this day more than once. Women Grow is a face-to-face networking group for aspiring professionals in all areas of the marijuana industry. There are many ways to get involved with this revolutionary group, and I’ve been taking advantage of a couple of them lately.

The monthly networking events are a fantastic way to expose yourself to leading cannabis industry professionals in your area, and I’m attending my first one this week. Sara Batterby and Leah Maurer, chairs of the Portland chapter, have chosen the Refuge in SE Portland for this month’s event on Thursday, July 9th from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. You can register online ahead of time for a discounted ticket to the event, or buy one at the door on Thursday. This is the third event for the Portland chapter, and the first time they have not had a cap on the number of attendees. I spoke with Leah last Wednesday at the Best of Potland party, where Women Grow had an informational booth, and she was excited for this month’s event. Leah and Sara are expecting the largest turnout yet, and they are looking forward to seeing everyone in professional attire, rubbing elbows and enjoying our newfound freedom to network out in the open.

The theme for the event is the ending of prohibition in our state, and both speakers played a key role in the campaigning efforts that got the measure passed. Meghan Walstatter played an important role in fundraising for the campaign, and is the owner of Pure Green dispensary in Portland. Liz Kaufman is a longtime campaign strategist, and was the executive director of the Measure 91 campaign, so those of us in Oregon all owe Liz a huge “THANK YOU!!” for her efforts. I’m really excited to hear what these speakers have to say! If you can’t make it to the event this time, keep your eyes peeled for a follow up post.

If you’re reading this and you’re not in the Portland area, you can search the Women Grow site for a chapter near you, and you can also get information on how to start a chapter in your city. Another way to get involved is to take advantage of the video education section of the Women Grow site. There are regular webinars which cover everything from finding out what sort of opportunities are available in the cannabis industry, to streamlining your organization and managing your time once you’ve started a successful cannabusiness. You can participate in these webinars live for *FREE*, purchase them individually for $9, or sign up for the whole year for $49. I joined their most recent webinar on “Getting Double Done with Half the Resources”, and I got some really great ideas! Look for that section on the site soon, and while you’re waiting you can watch the four leading up to it.

I hope to see you all this Thursday at the Refuge! Follow Women Grow on social media to find out about upcoming events.

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