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August Networking Event For Women Grow Portland Chapter

This coming Thursday, August 6th, the Portland chapter of Women Grow will be holding their August networking event at the Colony in St. Johns. I’ve never been tp the colony, but judging by their IG page, it looks like a place with lovely space. This month’s event should be extra-special, Jazmin Hupp, the Executive Director of Women Grow will be the main speaker, and Wendy Randall of Budd Branding will speak for a few minutes about bringing a great brand to your cannabusiness.

I am particularly excited about this Women Grow event as it will be my first time attending one, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about them! Chronic Travels, one of our contributors has written quite a bit about about Women Grow and even attended last months networking event, and since attending, I noticed it sparked something in her and she’s been more passionate and motivated about learning more about the cannabis industry and making her own mark. As Mrs. Nice Guy is something I do on my free time,  after work and life, I find it hard to stay motivated and believe that frequently meeting and speaking with other individuals with similar interests, it’d help keep my head in the game, and I am grateful for events like these that Women Grow hold monthly. Women Grow Networking events aren’t only for women in the industry, men are also welcome, you can read TWB’s account of their first time attending. Hope to see you there!


The Colony (in St. Johns)

7525 N Richmond Ave

Portland, OR 97203

Pick up your tickets HERE!





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