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Cannabis Fashion: Smokies Toke Couture

I wanted to once again put the spot light on Smokies Toke Couture, an Etsy shop that sells a different kind of cannabis product to enthusiasts of the plant. Based out of the Bay Area, Smokies sells handcrafted cannabis hair accessories, jewelry, cufflinks and money clips that give off a vintage-bohemian-steampunk vibe. Soon the “Stoner” stereotype will be gone, and Pilar wants to help get rid of that horrid description with the lovely products she creates. (Read my original post)

Since my original post things for Mrs. Nice Guy have gotten a little busier, those of you who closely monitor MNG know this, but to new/infrequent readers, CANNABIS EVENTS/MEETINGS ARE EVERYWHERE! When attending cannabis events/meetings it’s important to distinguish which ones are business related and which are more casual, and plan on dressing accordingly. Many of the conferences I’ve attended offer the chance to network with industry insiders, so there are a lot of job seekers AND employers in attendance…you may want to think twice about wearing your favorite Cheech & Chong shirt. I know you want to share your love of weed, but there are ways to do it without a pot leaf emblazoned on your apparel.

So, where does one shop when they want to show their cannabis support, but in a more toned down/professional way? SMOKIES TOKE COUTURE HAS GOT YOU COVERED! As of right now a lot of the products available in the Smokies shop are mainly accessories, but soon shop owner Pilar will be expanding her brand with other items like shirts and stash jars to name a few. As the industry grows, it’ll be nice to see how Smokies Toke changes with it and what products will begin to appear in the shop.

“I really did not find much available that had the quality or on-trend style that I was looking for. My conclusion is that female cannabis users are very under-served in the fashion arena. Many items currently being sold in the marketplace are either created for men, or are a novelty type product, skimping on quality”. – Pilar to Weedist on why she started her store.

I recently purchased a beautiful ganja themed, copper hair comb with a champagne colored rose, and replaced my brass MMJ brooch that I lost. The hair comb is very sturdy and is perfect for any occasion. It’s not shouting “HEY LOOK AT ME I LIKE TO GET HIGH”, but is flashy enough to make a plain, business casual outfit pop! The brooch is something I am thinking of wearing during the winter by affixing it to a scarf or on the lapel of a jacket or blazer. You can also stick it onto your purse (I use it on my canvas bags), backpack, laptop bag, or stash case.

Smokies Toke offers beautiful necklaces, earrings, and headbands that are perfect statement pieces for networking events put on by Women Grow, or one of the many cannabis events/conferences going on around the globe. Pilar has attended Women Grow meetings in her area, and some of her past and current customers have included people from Women Grow and NORML. A lot of the pieces can also be worn to your favorite Summer festival, or other cannabis themed soiree’s in your future.

“I think cannabis should be legal medically and recreationally. So much money has been wasted on the war on drugs, which is obviously not working. But more importantly, people are being arrested for what I would consider to be a “victimless crime”, and the disconnect between the states and the federal government has caused a lot heartache for many families and small businesses.

It bothers me that it is socially acceptable to drink a glass of wine at a party or work function, but if you want to smoke marijuana because that is your drug of choice, that is not OK.  Many users feel they have to hide it because of legal issues or the stigma attached to using cannabis. I think if it was legalized a lot of this stigma would go away, and there would be more acceptance around using it.

Also, if it were legalized, there would be more thorough medical testing to reveal its potential, which I think would be beneficial for everyone. It is insane that medical cannabis is frowned upon by many folks (because of outdated / inaccurate ideas of who uses it and why), and yet it is acceptable to take FDA approved medicines that kill thousands of people each year, many which are proven to have horrible side effects.” – Pilar on Cannabis Legalization to Ladybud

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