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Fairwinds Manufacturing Meet & Greet @ H.E.M.P.

I received an email from the awesome people over at High End Market Place, and wanted to share it with you guys. This Friday from 3-6 High End Market Place will be hosting Fairwinds Manufacturing for a meet & greet to help educate customers on the various products they sell on the legal, Washington market. Expect to be educated and treated to refreshments, treats, and in-store deals!



An event to educate our local community about unique cannabis products.

Vancouver, WA: High End Market Place (H.E.M.P.), located on Broadway in the Uptown Village, will host local Vancouver cannabis processor Fairwinds Manufacturing this Friday August 28th from 3pm-6pm. The Fairwinds team will be here to educate customers on the science behind their unique THC and CBD product lines including infused coffee, sublingual tincture, and infused capsules. Join us for fresh squeezed virgin mojitos, chocolate brownies with non-infused wintermint tincture, and cold brewed coffee provided by Fairwind’s local partner Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters. Plus, learn how to make your own infused edibles onsite using any of the 5 tincture flavors available for sampling.

H.E.M.P. and Fairwinds have also partnered to offer incredible discounts (over 50% off!) on the Fairwinds product line including both THC and CBD “C-Cup” style coffee pods, Indica/Sativa capsules, and liquid tincture. “We’ve had great success with vendor days in the past,” co-owner Morgan Hutchinson explains, “and I know the Fairwinds team has put together a really fun afternoon for our customers. There are so many new ways to enjoy cannabis now that it is legal, and the Fairwinds team will be here to educate and help raise awareness of their very unique product line.”

Fairwinds owner James Hull adds, “Vendor days are crucial to providing consumers a full understanding of the science behind the advanced products so the consumer is educated in a way that allows them to choose the most appropriate product to support their desired effect… Recreational or otherwise. The future of this industry is in the science of cannabis and the products that go well beyond what the flower alone can offer. The magic of the experience is at your fingertips and we are here to provide guidance and education which makes the experience all the more sweeter.”

About Fairwinds Manufacturing: Fairwinds is located in Vancouver, WA and their products can be found in stores throughout Washington state. Their process is science-driven, specializing in cannabis infusions designed to be nothing short of extraordinary. Their techniques are supported by state-of-the-art facilities, including computer-controlled grow rooms and multiple clean-room laboratories bristling with technology.Fairwinds brings you the highest quality products created with the greatest attention to detail, affording customers the best choice, price, and product consistency. When you choose Fairwinds you choose a dependable ride unlike any other.

About High End Market Place: High End Market Place was formed in October 2013 by Gareth Kautz and Morgan Hutchinson. H.E.M.P. prides itself on its simple yet comprehensive menu, featuring high quality cannabis products from select growers and processors from around the state. Their mission is to sell only the highest quality legal cannabis, create an inviting and educational atmosphere, and to be an active member in community organizations and events in SW Washington.

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