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New Vansterdam launches new website

A screen shot of the home page on New Vansterdam's revamped website, which launched Thursday afternoon.
A screen shot of the home page on New Vansterdam’s revamped website, which launched Thursday afternoon. The new site is part of a larger effort to step up branding as the Vancouver store prepares to expand with a number of new locations in Washington and Oregon. 

If you’re a regular at New Vansterdam, you’ve probably noticed the place looks a little different every time you’ve stepped inside this summer.

The lucrative Vancouver pot shop is nearing the end of a major remodel to create a more spacious, streamlined and secure sales floor and to spruce up its modern aesthetics with several distinct changes. A bold new logo. A fresh wall-to-wall mural near the entryway paying tribute to the forested landscape of the Northwest. New finely finished wooden countertops adding more room for product displays. Those are just a few of the modifications.

Then there’s the store’s online presence, which is quickly going through its own evolution with the launch of a sleek new website Thursday afternoon.

New New Vansterdam site screen shotAltogether, the projects are part of an effort to revamp the company’s approach to branding. After a wildly successful first year in which New Vansterdam sold more marijuana than any other store in Washington, the company is preparing to expand in several locations in both Washington and Oregon, said Shon-Lueiss Harris, New Vansterdam’s spokesman.

A few months ago, New Vansterdam took a step no other pot shop in Washington had made before, opening a medical marijuana dispensary under the same name in Portland. Come October, the dispensary will be allowed to begin selling flower to recreational consumers, giving New Vansterdam a leg up on other local pot shops in a marketplace that many expect to soon shift south.

“We are really trying to meet the needs of the community,” Harris said. “New Vansterdam is becoming more than a Vancouver shop and really, we want to elevate this brand into a proper cannabis market for the Pacific Northwest.”

The new site features a range of educational info for anyone who’s unfamiliar with the culture, science and experience of legal cannabis. Below the store’s interactive menu are several small explainers with all the basics you need to know about flower, edibles and the vast selection of concentrates on Washington’s growing recreational market.

Browsing the site, you’ll probably notice one key piece of New Vansterdam’s marketing toolkit is missing: Let’s Talk Pot, the store’s blog about all things cannabis culture. The blog showcased a collection of in-depth yet casual video interviews with recreational marijuana growers, something you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the online realm of Clark County’s marijuana scene.

Harris assures that blog is coming back soon, though. New Vansterdam is simply launching it separately so the company can include both the recreational and medical sides of marijuana. So, stay tuned for that.

– Justin Runquist