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Strain Review: Island Sweet Skunk From Hifi Farms

I first became familiar with Hifi Farms after receiving a sample of a strain they grow called, Island Sweet Skunk, from the Best of Potland Party last month. With a combined 25 years of growing experience, Hifi Farms is an OMMP grower based out of Portland and is owned by, Sara Batterby, CEO / Founding Chair, of the Women Grow chapter here in Portland.

The sample I received was appealing, and not because it was free, that was a bonus. Heh. Beautifully trimmed buds were enveloped in clear, plastic packaging as it laid on a vibrantly colored card with Hifi’s logo on it along with the strain name that read, “Island Sweet Skunk”. With the cannabis market being flooded with growers and an abundant amount of product, it’s important to brand yourself and your products in a way that can help you stand out, and appeal to more than one demographic, I feel that Hifi Farms achieved that.

Sweet Island Skunk is a sativa that’s a descendent of Skunk #1. A week before sampling it, I hurt my back pretty bad and was relying on Gorilla Glue #4 to help with the pain and discomfort, but after too much Gorilla Glue I found myself feeling a little too relaxed. Testing out at 22% THC, I can attest to Island Sweet Skunk’s uplifting and energetic effects. The day I decided I needed to try this stuff, I was still in pain, and had to begrudgingly leave the house to *gasp* socialize! Not before I smoked though!

When I opened the beautiful package, a sweet and pungent smell wafted into my smeller. As I removed the soft, fluffy nugs from the package, the trichomes were falling off like when sugar falls off a fresh beignet. This stuff ground up with little effort in my grinder and left a nice kief pile, that reminded me of Tinker Bell’s pixie dust..I know it’d make me fly high. I took a couple puffs and was met with a fruity taste and a big burst of creative energy! Before I knew it an hour of me playing with my new camera had passed. Before heading towards the Danger Zone, I decided to finish off my sample and took the rest to my head…BLAST OFF! We landed and I was as cool as a cucumber while I socialized anxiety-free. My once-tense muscles were now so relaxed, that if you had pushed me with any force I probably would’ve fallen over. (but once I got up I’d definitely kick you!)

Island Sweet Skunk is a great strain for people who have a tough time in public, or social situations (great for a night out with friends or a concert!), and can help if you’re suffering from any sort of sadness or depression. For those looking for creative inspiration Island Sweet Skunk can help with giving you that spark you need to get something started, and the focus you’ll need to get the job done. Great for wake and bakers, after work tokers, and you poor, overworked jabroni’s, find yourself some Island Sweet Skunk and be taken to paradise. If this doesn’t liven up whatever you’re doing, or fails to put you in a good mood, you must not be human.

Island Sweet Skunk: 5 – Rihanna


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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Thank You to Hifi Farms for allowing me to use a few of your images as seen in the album & featured image.

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