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August another record-breaking month for marijuana sales

Washington’s recreational marijuana industry made a strong push toward the end of August to round out yet another record-breaking month for sales.

Altogether, the market made more than $66 million in sales last month, according to the latest figures released Wednesday by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. That’s up some $7 million from the previous high set in July.

Midway through the month, the industry was posting average daily sales figures around $1.95 million statewide. But a surge in sales activity near the end of August brought that measure up past the $2.1 million mark.

Aug. 28 stands as the market’s biggest day to date, with more than $4.2 million in sales. That’s the only time it has eclipsed the $4 million mark.

Vancouver’s most lucrative pot shops continued to post the highest sales figures in the state in August. Main Street Marijuana, in Uptown Village, made about $2.75 million in sales, besting all of Washington’s other pot shops for the sixth straight month.

It wasn’t Main Street’s best month, though. That would be July, when the store sold about $2.8 million worth of marijuana.

New Vansterdam, located along Mill Plain just west of Andresen Road, ranked third in the state with nearly $1.78 million in sales. That’s also slightly lower than the store’s sales for July.

However, The Herbery on 164th Avenue had its best month yet in August, selling more than $716,000 worth of marijuana. That was good enough for eighth in the state.

– Justin Runquist