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Cannabook: Cannabis Connoisseur Experience

“Because the best strains are hard to remember”

I think I’ve mentioned on here how I love to lose myself on Etsy. Etsy is like an all-in-one place where people sell junk and unique handmade items, some one of a kind. For me Etsy is my favorite place to window shop online, I love seeing all the creative items on there and have scored some pretty dope shit from Etsy shops in the past.

Awhile ago I came across this unique book that I think many of you would love to know about called, Cannabook (Cannabook on Etsy). Cannabook is a tasting notes journal where cannabis connoisseurs can keep notes on strains they’ve tried.

I think this book is great for new and established cannabis consumers out there who want to keep track of their favorite strains and why they enjoy them. Once you fill in the strain name you have the option to  add the price, it’s origins and THC/CBD levels. From there you have the option to fill out the way you consumed whatever strain you’re rating:dab, vape, smoke, edible, and you get to rate the pistls, trichomes and density from 1-heavy. Once you’ve got that all filled out you’ll then move onto choosing color options and circling the words that best describe the effects, appearance and taste of what you’re consuming, and finally there’s an option to fill out your “High Thoughts”. The front inside cover of the book has a guide to show you how to use your Cannabook, and the back inside cover has definitions on what THC/CBD are along with info on Sativa/Indica/Hybrid and what trichomes and pistils are.

Cannabook is 100% handmade in the USA with the highest quality and consideration for the environment. Made with 100% recycled paper. 100% vegetable-based inks. All presses and production equipment use 100% renewable energy. Cannabook is the most “Green Friendly” book around! Designed in San Diego, Ca.

I’d love to see items like Cannabook being sold in some of the local shops, would you? For now you can get 1 book for $9.99, 3 for $19.99, or 10 for $49.99. Cannabook is perfect if you’re on the go and so simple to use! I’m excited to use Cannabook to do some strain reviews for the site.

A Few Questions With Cannabook Creator, Allie:

What made you decide to create the Cannabook, was there any sort of inspiration, or cool story that goes along with it?

Cannabook was created out of necessity because the best strains are hard to remember. The first Cannabook was made of computer paper and just for me. Next, my friends wanted one so I made a few more. Eventually I realized I wasn’t the only that needed one, thus Cannabook was born.

How long has Cannabook been for sale?

Cannabook launched in early 2015. Now Cannabook can be bought in dispensaries and shops throughout Southern California and Denver as well as at and etsy.

With cannabis being legalized more frequently, what are your hopes for the future of the industry?

My hopes are that knowledge and education regarding cannabis will continue to spread, people will continue to find new and creative uses for cannabis and everyday people just like me who have a love for cannabis can find a special niche for themselves in this rapidly growing market.

What are some of your favorite strains?

I vaporize and so flavors are very important to me. I also enjoy an active lifestyle that always keeps me moving and so I find myself enjoying nice fruity sativa or sativa dominate strains like Blue Dream, Green Crack, anything with Jack Herer (Can you see my Southern California influence?) but also enjoy the rich, sharp and unique tastes of a Big Buddha Cheese Strain or the potent, oily flavors of a Sour Diesel. I would say my favorite genetics come from Subcool and Jill at TGA, specifically Jillybean (tastes like creamcicles!), Agent Orange (bright orange flavor with a hint of whiskey) and Jack the Ripper (Pine, Lemon, haze influences). I also love the true classics Romulan and Strawberry Cough! I could go on and on!

Are you planning on updating the Cannabook with any new features?

Yes! We are working with local cannabis-inspired artists to make special edition Cannabook’s with unique book art, which is very exciting. 

Also,  we’ve been getting a ton of feedback from users, who mainly are asking for a larger notes section!
We worked very hard talking with breeders and growers (the people who know best) to get the perfect descriptors and make the rating guide top notch, which is what I think really draws people to Cannabook.  

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