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Medible Review: Lifted Hard Candy

As you all know I’ve been getting more familiar with the Women Grow organization here in Portland. I first became familiar them when I met Leah Maurer, one of the Portland Chapter founders at the DispensaryNext Conference earlier this Summer, since then their booth kept popping up at other events and conferences. I kept hearing from Chronic Travels about how great Women Grow was for networking, so I decided to break out of my shell and do some networking at one of their monthly events. I remember seeing the ladies from Lifted at the Best of Potland Party, so when I noticed they’d be attending this particular event I made sure to introduce myself to Kathryn Darby, CEO of Lifted.

Lifted is a Portland based company that specializes in cannabis infused candies. Why Lifted? In an email exchange, Kathryn said that she began Lifted, so that she could start something special that would help create jobs for her friends with the resources she had. The hard candies, are dab infused using oil that’s triple purged, using sativa dominant strains. Designed with newer cannabis consumers in mind, their hard candies are made using lower doses that contain 10mg of THC in each piece (20mg per package). The fruit used to make the candies are made with locally sourced fruit from Suavie’s Island. They contain no artificial food flavoring, or coloring, and have a gmo free candy base. Hard candies aren’t the only things Lifted provides, they also have a line of chocolate and coffee candy bars, and chocolate covered coffee beans. I received a sample pack of Lifted’s hard candies and the pack contained two candies: blueberry puree and strawberry balsamic (I think), both were individually wrapped inside their shiny packaging that was affixed with the Lifted label. Other flavor offerings provided are: cinnamon, peach, tooty fruity, raspberry kush, and peach.


I had taken the day off work, because I was absolutely DRAINED, in full cramp mode and in need of a pick-me-up, then I remembered I had two little friends for moments JUST LIKE THESE. After opening the package I suddenly felt like Neo, when he’s given the choice between taking the blue or red pill. Fortunately for me, both choices led to a much more lifted place so I went with the blueberry puree flavor first. You definitely get a bit of the ganja taste, but it wasn’t over powering thanks to the sweetness from the blueberries used. The second candy had a waxier consistency when bitten into and not as flavorful as the other.

Upon first trying these candies, I was unaware that they were made using the 10mg dosage. When the first one kicked in 15 minutes later I could immediately tell the difference because instead of the usual couch-lock feeling or super-stoney-eyes that I’ve known to experience with stronger edibles, IMG_4896 I was met with a boost of energy, clarity and a perma-grin that lasted me hours. For novice users and seasoned veterans it’s nice to have low dose options for times when feeling sluggish isn’t an option. Mix that with the uplifting and carefree effects from the sativa strains they use to make these edibles and that’s a whole big pot of good vibes. With cannabis crossing into a different market, that being recreational, it’s important that many of it’s products are safe for the beginners out there and I think Lifted provides that with their products. With these low doses you don’t have to worry about overdoing it and that’s the nice thing about them, especially if your pack contains multiple doses because you can then take more if you need a kick of happy-shiny-feelings all up in ya! I do ask that you’re responsible when/if you’re taking multiple doses, safety is key.

All in all I very much enjoyed my Lifted experience and hope to try out more of their products soon. I will always stand by quality products, made by good people. When you or your dull activity needs to get lifted, I highly suggest you give them a try. They’re easy to pack in your purse or pocket for emergencies like dull family dinners, when you’re out grabbing drinks with buds, or if you just want things to appear more vibrant and bright…kind of like this.

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