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Strain Review: Bubble Gum From Bondi Farms

Bubble Gum is a hybrid strain that’s won itself some Cannabis cups in the past. This version was grown by Bondi Farms (read about my visit), and isn’t in stores just yet. Some special H.E.M.P. fairies were nice enough to share. Bubble Gum has a sugary sweet smell and fruity taste that reminded me of Grape Bubble Yum. The nugs were dense with a flourescent green color, accented with sharp, amber nugs and pastel purple hues that were lightly dusted with thrichomes.

When it’s effects set in my body felt warm and unbothered, like a nice buzz after a couple glasses of good wine or champagne. My mouth even felt a bit rubbery like a piece of bubble gum. Mentally I was filled with this youthful exuberance that had me dancing around to Kid Cudi like a fool. giphyI was flying high and the music was intoxicating my soul with a breezy sense of bliss and ecstasy. Colors seemed more vivid and warm and then suddenly my mood turned into something more titillating and sensual. These cheeky feelings lasted for what seemed like a couple hours before they wore off….something I thought only Beyonce’s music was capable of. With it’s confidence boosting effects, Bubble Gum is definitely a strain to have around when you’re feeling flirtatious, for dates, or whenever you need some courage. You can also expect heightened senses when it comes to touch, sound, sight, and taste. The only downside to this strain (FOR ME), was the wicked case of munchies that ensued later on. R.I.P. to the PBJ I demolished! For people looking for strains with CBD, this would be one to keep an eye out for as it had about 0.21%, still less than 1% I felt like it was noticeable physically.

Bubble Gum: 5 – Rihanna


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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