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Strain Review: Master Yoda From Heavenly Buds

After Gareth from H.E.M.P. told me that I needed to try a strain called “Master Yoda“, I knew it had to be good! Master Yoda has two cannabis cup wins under it’s robe, including 1st place for Best Hybrid at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles. It’s lineage is a cross between OG Kush and Master Kush.

The gram of Master Yoda that I picked up was grown by Heavenly Buds, an I502 producer and processor in Washington. Packaged in a clear baggie were two, soft buds that were packed tightly with ganja goodness. The buds were light green in color with pale, orange hairs, and covered in fuzzy trichomes that gave it a yellow hue that reminded me of Master Yoda’s bald head. The scent is woodsy with a sweet  and pungent musk; much like the I imagine the swampy forests of Dagobah would smell like. When exhaling you’re left with smooth, earthy notes that linger on the lips for a bit.

A couple Sundays ago I woke up to a chilly morning with gray clouds, to make matters worse it was the season opener for the fall season of kickball and I wanted to stay in bed, not run around on the slick grass! I was a ball of nerves, so to put me in a better mood I decided to give Master Yoda a try and it worked wonders. RoVpV1ZMaster Yoda is a sativa dominant hybrid that tested out having 21.2% total cannabinoids (see pics for breakdown). After two bong-hits to the dome the buzz set in hard and the black cloud that was over my head blew up like the Death Star and I had a much more sunny disposition. When it’s chilly outside my bones get achey so I need strains that offer comfort and relaxation for times like that and to my amazement about 10 minutes later my body started to feel warm and loose. I smoked more about an hour or so later before my game and felt like it helped give me a jedi-like focus on the field, nothing got by me, I was unstoppable.

Master Yoda is a great strain to have on hand when you need a happy high that won’t leave you distracted or tense. I would describe the high as being relaxed in the head with a sharp focus and a warm buzz that radiated through my arms and legs. I can see myself having a strain like handy come this winter, sometimes the cold and gray can get to me, so it’ll be nice to have something with both uplifting and pain relieving properties.

Available at H.E.M.P. 1g/$20 or 3.5g/$60

Master Yoda: 6 – Woody Harrelson


**Please note scale is based on how high I felt while smoking the strain being reviewed**

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